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 1. Re: Storage for Valuables on Flamenco Beach Michael    01-21-14 05:46
Bryan, welcome to the forum! Did you search for 'Valuables on the Beach'? There is a post not too long ago, ideally you add to that one, if your questions are not answered ;)

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 2. Re: Valuables on the Beach Donna Pickard    01-10-14 10:50
Lock your valuables (where they can't be seen) in the car and take the keys with you.....

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 3. Ferry and Camping Adrienne Schlatter    03-02-13 12:36
Hello All, I am coming to PR for the first time with my friend at the end of the month. We are both medical students, I am very excited to get away from studying for a while. I realized

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 4. Re:, bus ?, reservations? DRB    02-24-13 10:36
Hi Rue, I have camped on Flamenco many times, just returned three weeks ago from a two week stay. March is my favorite time on Culebra. It gets very busy during Holy Week (Easter). The we

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 5. Re: Lockboxes and campground reservation Herb    10-31-12 17:00
To my knowledge there are no lock boxes to store you valuables. Therefore take no valuables and keep what valuables you do take on your person, even when swimming. On the other hand, C

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 6. Re: Lockers? Vicki moore    11-14-11 23:53
There are no storage lockers at Flamenco. Having a jeep is no assurance that your valuables will be safe either. You might check getting a "water safe" type container and burying it in an inconspicu

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 7. Lockers? Jason Goldner    11-13-11 15:53
Hey Everyone, I'll be camping at Culebra for 2 weeks and was wondering if there are places to store gear/money/valuables over night or during the day while we are exploring the island. Re

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 8. Re: Coming to Culebra in March Linda H    09-15-10 20:49
We have visited Culebra in March 2009 and March 2010. While only two visits to Culebra doesn't make us experts (there are many who post here who have much more familiarity) I will share what we have

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 9. Coming to Culebra in March J. Nicolas Reyero    09-11-10 18:27
Hi, I am planning on coming to Culebra 3.16.10 - 3.23.10 to celebrate my 40th B-Day with some friends and family. How many yet, I do not know. I am going to camp at Flamenco Beach those 7

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 10. Re: Flamenco camping Debbie    05-31-10 18:19
Read the previous threads on this subject:

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 11. the Tank Stephen Mitre Craig    02-25-10 16:06
John , What do you mean about the Tank ? and is it safe to leave valuables on the beach at Flamengo while snorkeling ? I travel alone and dont' want to lose my camera, the rest they can have.

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 12. Re: Lockers at Campsite? Jeannie G3    10-11-09 14:42
Hola! Unfortunately, there are no lockers at the Flamenco Beach campsite. It's just your rustic type campsite, although there are basic showers and restrooms facilities. Look under SHELTER in this web

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 13. Lockers at Campsite? pate    10-11-09 00:08
I won't be driving to the campsite, but of course want to lock up my essentials. Does the campsite offer lockers or somewhere you can lock up your valuables? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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 14. Re: Town or Away from Town? Jeannie G3    09-10-09 10:39
Hola! It really depends on how much you want to pay and what are your lodging tastes. There is lodging of all kinds: big small, simple bare bones and spacious with kitchens and other amenities. There

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 15. Re: Camping on Flamengo; Safe to leave possessions? Mort    05-07-09 07:28
There are some good threads on this if your search for "valuables". I can give some short answers, though... No lockers or storage. Theft is rare but does happen

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 16. Re: Camping Mort    03-25-09 09:35
Temperatures vary not much year around. There are some bugs especially at dusk (do a search for more info). You can buy bug spray in town. There is no place to store valuables. There's lo

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 17. Camping Ann Carson    03-24-09 23:28
What's camping at Flamenco Beach like in July? Too hot? Buggy? Or a good idea? Are there places to store valuables like passports, etc?

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 18. Re: Camping Questions Mort    01-20-09 14:18
Nice idea, Esteban. It's the only method that guarantees 100% security. Unless of course, you're eaten by a Culebra shark, in which case your valuables are pretty much irretrievable by yo

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 19. Waterproofing for Snorkeling Esteban    01-20-09 12:34
I can give you some advice for keeping your valuables with you (and dry) while swimming or snorkeling. You can buy a waterproof box (for example, to keep your cash, ca

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 20. Re: Camping Questions Megan Miller    01-19-09 21:25
I'd love to hear more about that waterproof bag idea, too! Anyone done it or seen it? Other good ideas for things like passports and cameras? The rest of my stuff doesn't fall into the 'valuables'

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 21. Re: Storing Gear/Stashing Gear Debbie    01-19-09 11:20
Megan, This has been discussed previously; you'll just have to dig around to get some answers. Here are a couple of searches to get you started - keywords camping, valuables and safety.

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 22. Concern about Camping on Memorial Day Weekend Lily    05-05-08 17:36
Hello! I just spoke to someone we're renting a vehicle from during our 2 night stay on Culebra. Is this true? 1. Vandalism of rental vehicles do occur on

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 23. Re: camping questions Herb    04-29-08 22:03
We were there in late bugs of the insect type or human type. We did not travel with any really important valuables and did not make our camera readily "accessable" to any visitors. Our

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 24. Re: camping questions Mort    04-17-08 09:10
I agree with Ioulia and Jeannie about bugs, kayaking and nudity. Valuables are rarely stolen, especially if left in your tent under some bedding/clothes. That's probably a lot safer than

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 25. Re: camping questions Jeannie G3    04-16-08 15:55
I couldn't say it any better: From MJ: "All the beaches on Culebra have tops on them, though some of them seem to have no bottoms. But humans are legally required to wear clothing covering

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 26. Re: camping questions Ioulia Sochnikova    04-16-08 14:44
We camped twice--nothing was stolen, but we did not bring any valuables with us. what you can do is rent a car and keep your valuables there. There are A LOT of insects, and they are not mosqito

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 27. Re: camping at Playa Flamenco - what do you do with gear during the day? Mort    01-02-08 16:50
Owlihoot, I recall that you also sometimes use a secret burial method. But that you accidentally left your valuables out one day (forgetting to re-bury them) and they STILL weren't taken by anyone. Am

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 28. Re: Can a group of 7 get along without a rental car? Doug    11-16-07 14:55
Not to try to answer your question but to give you a couple points to consider: 1. There are some spectacular beaches that aren't very accessible by public transportation. It might work t

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 29. Re: Culebra accomodation Ty Watson    11-09-07 09:49
We also stayed in Casa Pueblo and I must say that I wouldnt want to stay anywhere else. The location is very convenient for walking anywhere in town (especially after an evening of sipping on beverage

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 30. Re: Theft... be smart. julia Huff    03-19-07 16:03
i agree, but i have special waterproof bags that we carry our valuables with.

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