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 31. off the beaten trail-or-cuidado in Culebra Bruce Morehouse    04-03-06 15:23
Like many posters we're just back from a wonderful week in Culebra. Would that my life usually happened at that pace... My wife and I stepped off the beaten path to beaches without names

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 32. Re: Club Seabourne or Costa Bonita Gary Eichelberger    03-24-06 00:18
seabourne is small scale and a beautiful location. nice amenities. I cannot speak to the hours kept by restaurant and bar. It is stilll more of the regular setting of culebra and its communtiy than co

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 33. Re: sunset dinner marc fasten    02-20-06 14:31
The best restaurant on island, hands down is Juanita Bananas. reservation is strongly recommended, and you will need transportation to get up hill to restaurant. Everything about this place is great.

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 34. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Mike    12-13-05 12:10
I rented a studio (#15) on feb 2005, in a separate building, and the unit was in good conditions, with simple but clean furniture. It's not a luxury hotel, but a good solution for a simple beach-front

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 35. Re: Looking for a place in or near Dewey in late Jan or early Feb Debbie    11-28-05 22:17
There is a perfect three bedroom apartment that I can't seem to find information on - please ask Jim at Culebra Island Realty about Villa Violette. He sold it recently, but it doesn't appear on his w

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 36. Re: Villa Muñeco Camila Degraw    07-19-05 11:21
No se exactamente,es de alguna persona en particular (dueños) que la alquilan. Nunca he estado en esa área y quisiera saber como es. Conocen de alguna otra? necesito opiniones....Camila Degraw wrote

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 37. Villa Muñeco Camila Degraw    07-18-05 08:37
Quisiera saber si alguien conoce Villa Muñeco, estoy pensando alquilar esta casa para septiembre y no tengo fotos ni nada solo las descripciones. Alguien la ha visto? Por favor dejenme saber....

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 38. Culebra was good, Vieques was GREAT! Nicole    06-20-05 12:43
Just wanted to tell you all about my experiences in PR. The first day we flew into San Juan and rented a car from L&M and drove through the rain forest "El Yunque". It was amazing! We stayed at

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 39. Re: Places to stay Sheila Negron    06-16-05 13:03
Absolutely- Culebra typically appeals to tourists who are looking for the more rustic experience, but not everybody is like that- which is why I shared. Many tourists would like to visit

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 40. Re: Villa_Flamenco_Beach JoseGuzman    06-10-05 11:13
I believe it is appropriate to say that most good reviews are not posted, since customers do not take the time to do so. On the contrary, unsatisfied customers use the forum to express their con

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 41. Re: From Culebra guesthouses to the price of beer wendy    02-14-05 08:21
We also arrive in late at night and decided to just stay at the Best Western-airport. We wanted to stay out of the city, but ran into the problems of too late to check in and minimum day requirement

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 42. Enjoyed Harbour View Villas Matt Walters    02-02-05 14:54
I feel compelled to write on behalf of people who stayed at the HVV with me last June. I've read these "stories" but, having stayed there, I want to set the record straight. Don't be d

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 43. Trip report Sujana    01-14-05 18:48
Hi, we recently got back from our trip. We were only on Culebra three days, wish we could have stayed longer. We rented a vehicle from Jerry's Jeeps, and I have to say that, besides having a good re

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 44. Re: Villa Boheme Experience nelly    08-24-04 15:15
Thank you, Annabelle!!!! We will be able to accommodate you after the long weekend!!! At this time,we seem to be sold out for this particular weekend!!! However, give us a c

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 45. Re: Viajar a Culebra Ayuda !! Luisa    08-19-04 14:12
Estuve una semana en Culebra y la verdad es que, a pesar de los inconvenientes que uno pueda encontrar, es realmente una isla maravillosa y como ya dijo alguien, los malos ratos se olvidan tan pronto

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 46. Sufrimiento Estadía Culebra Edgard    07-31-04 16:35
¡A LA VERDAD ES QUE PUERTO RICO LO HACE PEOR! Mi familia y yo fuimos a vacacionar a la isla de Culebra del 24 al 27 de julio de 2004 (el fin de semana pasado). Lo menos que

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 47. Re: where to stay Pietra    06-14-04 11:55
I can't comment on either of the two places that the owners kindly suggested to you. But Villa Boheme is a hotel right on Ensenada Honda as well that has rooms with a kitchen and also cheaper rooms w

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 48. Re: favorite culebra memory Todd    06-12-04 16:34
My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon on Culebra and the whole five days is one great memory. We stayed in Culebra Beach Villas right on Flamenco Beach and it was amazing. The water was sup

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 49. Bay Area Diane    05-26-04 08:40
With the above said regarding the bay area, I would like to comment I extensively research accomodations before making my final choice. A family vacation is not done on a whim, nor is it cheap. I a

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 50. Just back from Culebra!! RtisticFX    05-04-04 11:31
My husband and I just returned from Culebra and had the most amazing, relaxing time. We absolutely loved it and were sad to leave. We rented a house/villa from Jim Galasso at Culebra Isl

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 51. Re: Culebra Beach Villas/Rentals Heather    04-09-04 18:52
Hey there! We actually stayed in two different villas. At first we stayed in 1-C, which is located on the first floor of the main building. After that, we stayed in #7, which is a seperate cotta

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 52. Re: Seeking beach accommodations Heather    03-24-04 21:49
I just returned from Culebra Beach Villas yesterday, having spent close to a week w/ them - fantastic! I stayed in both the "Main Building" as well as the villas behind it. Since each villa is

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 53. Re: Culebra Beach Villas vs Tamarindo migdalia nieves    03-12-04 10:06
Somos una agecia de pasaje y tenemos 10 personas que quieren pasar unos dias en Culebra. Lo cual le solicitamos tarifa para el 26-28 marzo o el 2/5 abaril. Habitaciones doble y cuadrupl

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 54. Re: Solo Female Camper april    02-01-04 14:04
Hi Anne Sorry it took so long to get back to you-I haven't checked this site for a while. I think I can answer some of your questions. There are lots of shady sites, the middle section of the ca

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 55. Re: Donde es bueno quedarse? Mariene    10-12-03 14:20
Solo hay un lugar que vale la pena quedarse y es en el area de campar yo tengo 14 anos y creanme que no me gustaba campar hasta que acampe en culebra. Es lo mejor estas al frente de la playa

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 56. Re: Honeymoon/Wedding in Culebra Sadie    10-07-03 13:21
If anyone is still looking for info for great places to stay/eat in Culebra or San Juan- feel free to email. There is only one resort that is actually ON Flamenco beach (it is protected land) Flamenco

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 57. Re: Total Excellent Experience Karyn    09-29-03 15:08
i agree on all fronts. visited in march for eight beautiful days. heading back in january for the same experience. i stayed at villa nueva, but nobody better book during my week. i love culebra!

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 58. Re: Donde es bueno quedarse? Maria T. Boyer    06-19-03 13:07
Lizzette: yo tambien voy para culebrar pero el 30 de julio y somos un grupo de 12. y tuve mucha dificultad en encontrar un lugar. por fin nos vamos a quedar en Culebra Ocean View. Nosotros que

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 59. Harbour View Villas Monica    05-28-03 16:36
Alguien sabe de las Harbour View Villas? Estoy considerando visitar Culebra solo por una noche y aunque esta lejos de Flamenco (ni tanto-par de pesos en guagua), parece buena opcion para algo nice, c

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 60. Re: crowded norm    05-20-03 13:43
Carlos: You seem to know a lot about Culebra. I was just there on Saturday and Sunday. Fantastic Island, with one exception. We had reservations for Saturday and Sunday night at the

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