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Trip report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sujana (
Date:   01-14-05 18:48

Hi, we recently got back from our trip. We were only on Culebra three days, wish we could have stayed longer. We rented a vehicle from Jerry's Jeeps, and I have to say that, besides having a good rental experience, he was probably the nicest guy I have ever met in all my travels and provided us with absolutely everything you need to know about Culebra right there at the rental counter, including the most fantastic and intricate map.

We visited several of the beaches. Carlos Rosario was OK, we snorkeled & saw some cool stuff, but it wasn't a nice place to lay on the beach as the shore is narrow & the sand was full of ants. Zoni was just beautiful for laying out & for body-surfing, etc. The drive out to Zoni is also very pretty.

We stayed at Tamarindo Beach Cottages. We loved the views and the access to the snorkeling & Playa Tamarindo. The road to Tamarindo has just been completely paved, so a rental vehicle probably isn't necessary to get there anymore. I would caution, though, the walls of the villas are pretty thin, so you WILL hear your neighbors and they will hear you. The restaurant is open Thurs-Sun. We ate there one night. It was OK, big portions & again, a beautiful setting. No desserts though.

We also tried out the food at Mamacita's. We thought that was the best place we ate at on Culebra. Get there early, though, before the restaurant portion opens, or you may have to wait in line.

Last place we ate, the Dinghy Dock: Our food there was also delicious, but be forewarned, the service was terrible. We never got our appetizer, and our drinks were never refilled. Dry mouths kind of took away from our enjoyment of the meal. They also lost money on that, because if she had ever returned to our table, we probably would have ordered two or three more rounds from the bar.

We traveled to & from Culebra via Vieques Air Link from Fajardo. Flight was delayed about 2 hours on arriving flight, but took off on time for the departing flight. Planes are tiny, hold ten persons including pilot and for some reason they put me the seat of honor NEXT TO THE PILOT in the empty co-pilot chair. Which might thrill you if you like planes and flying, but I am always on the verge of puking and was very worried I might do so on the pilot and the instruments. Also, luggage space is limited, so try to follow the guidelines & keep it compact. At the airport, we saw some people trying to take another flight whose luggage was turned away for being too large.

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Re: Trip report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: wendy (
Date:   01-17-05 09:39

thanks for the trip tips. we are coming at the end of march and can't wait! ~~W

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Re: Trip report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: dan (
Date:   01-17-05 10:28

I agree. Jerry is really nice and helpful. He gave us a map and took the time to point out the "must see" places on the island, where to eat, buy food, etc. We still laugh when we think about how we got lost immediately after leaving Jerry's. I guess we were too excited to be on Culebra and missed the part where he said just go straight. We stayed at Posada and really liked it. It's stumbling distance form Mamacita's and Dinghy Dock.

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Re: Trip report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Joel Maners (66.78.150.---)
Date:   03-03-05 23:47

Great trip report. Thanks for posting it. Very informative and entertaining!

My only question is, why did you take the plane from Fajardo, didn't you fly into San Juan? I am Planning a trip for next June and I'd like to fly out of Isla Grande.

Thanks again!


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