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 61. Re: Accomodation on beach mss289r    12-26-12 22:08
Next door to Culebra Beach Villas is Villa Flamenco Beach. They have 6 units. (4 efficiencies on the second floor and 2 one bedroom units on the first floor.) The place is spotless and run by ve

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 62. snorkeling in November brandon    11-16-12 10:59
Hello! My wife and I will be visiting Culebra on Thanksgiving. I was curious about the snorkeling. Water tempiture in November? The best spots to access from a beach? Water depth? Other than fish,

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 63. Re: Who's open Culebra MJ    11-11-12 13:28
Susie's will be open after T day. Dinghy Dock is closed until mid-december. Zaco's is open, Neil and Wanda's kiosko at Flamenco is open with Steve bartending, pizza place I think? Blue at the Spot is

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 64. Re: Culebra vs. Vieques rachael kalabokes    10-17-12 13:01
it depends on what exactly you want to be doing on your vacation. culebra is a very quiet, laid back island. most of the beaches aside from flamenco are private. flamenco has its kiosks w

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 65. Re: Is Culebra bike Friendly? Linda H    10-15-12 23:43
I would think biking from Flamenco to Carlos Rosario would be doable if you have a good bike and aren't expecting a paved path. It's up one side of a ridge and then down the other, narrow and rocky i

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 66. Re: Bike vs Jeep Linda H    10-14-12 18:51
We've rented bikes from Dick and Cathie. They rent Specialized bikes, great for the hills and back roads. It does take a little more time than driving, and the roads are narrow and sometimes steep, b

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 67. Re: Internet connections Geronimo    09-26-12 09:06
There are hot spots in town. Most rental places also offer it. You can also contact the wifi guy directly to acquire it.

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 68. Internet connections Bill Morton    09-25-12 17:44
Hi Everyone, We plan on visiting Culebra for a week, but I must have access to the web--an internet connection. So far, the only WiFi spot I have found is at Culebra Villas at Flamenco Be

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 69. Re: lodging choice for snorkelers JeffandMary    07-13-12 13:46
We stayed at Tamarindo Estates, which is on the west side of the island, very nice, quiet, and private. I would call it averaged priced and the snorkeling beach is a short walk down the hill and the s

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 70. Off the beaten path bars/Beaches Anthony Naska    05-30-12 12:12
Are there any hidden bars on the island? Small bars that are not necessarily in the town? Also, what other spots on the island would you suggest for us to explore rather than the 5 or so

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 71. Anyone want to hang out in Culebra over Memorial Day? Nate Kayhoe    05-16-12 10:47
This is kind of ridiculous, I realize, but I’m in an interesting situation and thought, what the hell, people seem nice on this board, why not! Basically I’ve been planning a long wee

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 72. Re: A week in Culebra, what to do? John W.    05-05-12 16:05
Laura, A copy of years ago I recommended a number of must sees - here you go: First recognize there are no absolutes on Culebra :) - one must often go with the flow.

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 73. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 74. Re: Best off-shore snorkeling spots Zak    04-27-12 17:50
My wife and I got back from Culebra last week, and we did alot of snorkeling. My favorite was Melones (enter to the right of the picnic table, swim out 50 feet, swim to your right for 100 yards to get

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 75. Re: Best off-shore snorkeling spots Doug    04-27-12 15:21
Add all the beaches on the leeward (west) side of the island. They include, from north to south, Carlos Rosario, Tamarindo, Melones, and Punta Soldado. Soldado is also a bit of a walk unless you hav

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 76. Re: Best off-shore snorkeling spots Frank    04-27-12 14:24
I've always been told Carlos Rosario (a short hike from the back of Flamenco parking lot) and Tamarindo ... perhaps others can chime in.

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 77. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures NicoleW    04-27-12 14:10
Ann, to say that my husband and I agreed to a snorkeling tour would be to say that my husband and I were ASKED if we would like a snorkeling tour. We were never asked and we were never given any optio

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 78. Best beaches for kids John E Cruz    04-27-12 12:27
Yes, it's me again :-) I was wondering which would be the best beaches to take the kids to. I have an 8 and 11 year old, but my two nephews are also coming along and they're 7 and 9 years. We want

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 79. Best off-shore snorkeling spots John E Cruz    04-27-12 12:19
Hello! I'll be visiting Culebra for the 1st time next weekend and would like to know which are the best spots to go snorkeling reachable from the shore. I have no intent on renting a boat. I am hea

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 80. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures Ann Hoffman    04-26-12 18:27
We are sorry you did not enjoy your day with us!! Since we were unable to get you to Culebrita due to high surf, we offered to take you on a snorkel tour to which you agreed. If you wanted to go back

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 81. Jerry's Jeeps Zak    04-19-12 18:20
Just some info on the jeeps at Jerry's. We got one of the cheap ones... the Samarai, for $45/day. What you need to know about the Samarai... firstly, most importantly, there is no power s

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 82. Re: suggestion needed Linda H    03-08-12 03:41
You can search this forum for specific topics and find more information that may help answer your questions. The first time we visited Culebra, we rented bikes and used them exclusively. If you are

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 83. BLUE @ The Spot A    03-07-12 10:39
Just wanted to let people know that The Spot is now BAR only. We look forward to seeing you there for refreshing drinks, a round of darts, dancing or just having fun with friends.

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 84. Re: Weather Dawn    03-06-12 16:57
Herb, Will you kindly reveal your favorite snorkeling spot??!! My snorkeling stuff is ready to be packed! DJ

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 85. Re: Internet? Cell reception? Herb    02-28-12 17:46
At the campground cell service is spotty. My Verizon phone worked only if I stood in s certain location. Others had to stand on the beach (don't know the brand of their service). My 3G Nook worked

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 86. Re: best phone carrier??? Hoss    01-18-12 12:49
The gsm carriers work well in Culebra. ATT and tmobile are decent. Verizon is spotty in most areas but still have coverage.

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 87. Re: Mamacita's Experience Bill Saxton    01-03-12 21:29
We just visited you Culebranese folks for 10 days. Mamacita's was our favorite spot in town. Terrific cooking, bright waitpeople who gave us lots of great tips on ways to enjoy the island, and it wa

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 88. Re: camping DRB    12-20-11 17:28
Hi Danielle, I will also be in Culebra this March. This will be my sixth time visiting this amazing place. In the past, I've camped, stayed in a guest house and even once rented a home. To answer you

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 89. Re: Snorkeling Donn Cave    11-13-11 14:47
Don't walk! New to PR, but we've been to the Hawaiian Islands a couple times, and what they suggest there is to look for other people. If people are staying out of the water, then so sho

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 90. First Visit on Boat BobandGeri    10-14-11 13:01
Glad we came across this forum! We've been sailing in the St John/BVI area for years and decided that on this upcoming trip we will spend a few days on Culebra. We plan to be there @ October 24th - 28

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