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 31. Re: Playa Brava Drew    02-07-14 08:48
Generally speaking, the north facing beaches aren't snorkeling spots. Zoni has some down to the right and out a bit, we've seen octopus and rays there. At Brava and Resaca they recommend not swimmin

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 32. Re: Playa Manzanilla Drew    02-06-14 10:53
Hi Michael, Yes! If you look at google maps, it calls that spot Playa Manzanilla. I'd never heard that either. I often hike from the main road to the road up above that spot, but have

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 33. Odd/hidden snorkels? ron mcconnell    01-30-14 00:04
I have the main snorkel spots but can anybody tell me a few of the less known ones? Mosquito reef? where? Punta De Maguey looks like nice coral?? Thanks, Ron

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 34. Bound and Determined (for Culebra) RobH    01-21-14 18:49
Greetings from a new poster. I have been all over the web for the past 4-5 years looking, reading and dreaming of coming to the Spanish Virgins. Found you guys today as I was doing some

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 35. Re: Bringing My fishing gear Paul Baxter    01-15-14 15:13
Thanks for the reply. I read this article over a year ago. It is one of the reasons we choose Culebra as our Honeymoon spot. I have not decided yet whether or not I want to charter a gui

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 36. Re: Flamenco Campgrounds DRB    12-14-13 17:20
Can't speak for this year, but in years past I've been able to find good camping spots from week before Christmas through the second week of January. It can be busy, but even during Easter Break (Busi

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 37. Re: Bicycle lauraadventureseeker    12-04-13 10:26
Hi MuzaiCo, The only place that you can hang a hammock close to the beach is in zone E, I would say my spot was one of the best spots to do so. It really depends on how many people are c

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 38. Lodging Shore    06-13-13 11:55
Hello: I am looking for a vacation rental for the dates of Nov. 28-Dec. 7. There will be 2 adults and 2 school age children. This is our first time on the island and are not sure of where to sta

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 39. Re: verizon cell service Todd Wolf    06-08-13 14:41
Was there in March. With iPhone 4S I got 3G coverage near airport and town. My wife's also on Verizon and has an iPhone 4 and got no 3G. Voice was same on both and spotty but decent in town. Verizon m

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 40. Re: verizon cell service JohnMK    06-05-13 19:56
Extended service. Spotty voice. We got no data. Used wifi at our rental and across the street from the ferry landing. Enjoy your time.

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 41. Re: verizon cell service Hoss    06-05-13 17:56
Verizon works the same as the main land. No extra charges. Coverage can be a bit spotty but you can make a call out in most places.

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 42. Re: June Brandon Storer    06-05-13 13:30
StungWe Saw Large Jellyfish When We Were There In November. They Are Sometimes Hard To Spot, I'm A Little Concerned About The Small Ones. I Don't Really Want To Be Stung By One.

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 43. Re: Best snorkeling in spite of high seas RueBelle    03-10-13 12:46
Thanks! We were thinking of heading over there. Or even a water taxi to Luis pen if we motivate (doubtful). some E folks left this morning but in my opinion the nice location is stil

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 44. Re: Culebra Now and Then Geronimo    03-06-13 09:12
I liked it when Butch P. would rent power boats and you could get around to the beaches and dive spots on your own. I guess too many people went to Brava and Resacca and got beached by the surf. of

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 45. Re: Best beach in Culebra Tim Stecko    02-27-13 12:59
Tina, For swimming, I think you mean minimal surf, you need to be on the leeward side of the island. The best beaches for this, given the time of year, would likely be Tamarindo (lots of

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 46. Re: Best beaches for kids? Drew    02-21-13 08:48
My kids learned to snorkel as babies on Culebra 12 years ago and we go every year. The most memorable experience for us was hiring a ride to Luis Pena when they were really little. If you catch the

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 47. Re: Is the ferry to Culebra Fully operational? Rich Bennett    02-11-13 17:11
The passenger ferry does not allow vehicles on it. There is another cargo ferry that travels back and forth but we were never able to find much more information on it, other than spots are for reside

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 48. Re: Camping on Flamenco beach Rich Bennett    01-30-13 16:13
I camped there in September. We had the furthest spot out, closest to the water, which was right in front of the tank. So as of September 2012, it was open.

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 49. Re: Dengue Fever Tom Ryals    01-16-13 23:21
Vicki: This is the most reassuring thing I could read. Thank you so much for reading my ad and coming to my rescue. A short time before I found your response I had decided

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 50. Best Snorkeling for 7 year old DLT    01-12-13 01:04
Hello My family has only a day to explore the island and snorkel. My daughter is a good swimmer in a pool but has only snorkeled a couple times. Her first time was in St. Thomas and it was inc

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 51. Re: Accomodation on beach mss289r    12-26-12 22:08
Next door to Culebra Beach Villas is Villa Flamenco Beach. They have 6 units. (4 efficiencies on the second floor and 2 one bedroom units on the first floor.) The place is spotless and run by ve

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 52. snorkeling in November brandon    11-16-12 10:59
Hello! My wife and I will be visiting Culebra on Thanksgiving. I was curious about the snorkeling. Water tempiture in November? The best spots to access from a beach? Water depth? Other than fish,

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 53. Re: Who's open Culebra MJ    11-11-12 13:28
Susie's will be open after T day. Dinghy Dock is closed until mid-december. Zaco's is open, Neil and Wanda's kiosko at Flamenco is open with Steve bartending, pizza place I think? Blue at the Spot is

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 54. Re: Culebra vs. Vieques rachael kalabokes    10-17-12 13:01
it depends on what exactly you want to be doing on your vacation. culebra is a very quiet, laid back island. most of the beaches aside from flamenco are private. flamenco has its kiosks w

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 55. Re: Is Culebra bike Friendly? Linda H    10-15-12 23:43
I would think biking from Flamenco to Carlos Rosario would be doable if you have a good bike and aren't expecting a paved path. It's up one side of a ridge and then down the other, narrow and rocky i

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 56. Re: Bike vs Jeep Linda H    10-14-12 18:51
We've rented bikes from Dick and Cathie. They rent Specialized bikes, great for the hills and back roads. It does take a little more time than driving, and the roads are narrow and sometimes steep, b

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 57. Re: Internet connections Geronimo    09-26-12 09:06
There are hot spots in town. Most rental places also offer it. You can also contact the wifi guy directly to acquire it.

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 58. Internet connections Bill Morton    09-25-12 17:44
Hi Everyone, We plan on visiting Culebra for a week, but I must have access to the web--an internet connection. So far, the only WiFi spot I have found is at Culebra Villas at Flamenco Be

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 59. Re: lodging choice for snorkelers JeffandMary    07-13-12 13:46
We stayed at Tamarindo Estates, which is on the west side of the island, very nice, quiet, and private. I would call it averaged priced and the snorkeling beach is a short walk down the hill and the s

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 60. Off the beaten path bars/Beaches Anthony Naska    05-30-12 12:12
Are there any hidden bars on the island? Small bars that are not necessarily in the town? Also, what other spots on the island would you suggest for us to explore rather than the 5 or so

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