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 61. Re: WHERE ARE THE BEACH HOUSES? Maria Duke    03-17-05 19:11
Get in touch w/ Jim @ Culebra Island Realty. He has some houses w/private beaches for rent ($$$$)

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 62. Re: Honeymoon Accommodations ron jones    01-04-05 16:00
Joe, I suggest looking at some house rentals. They are spectacular and don't cost much more than some places. Clean secluded and Oh just wait until you see one!!! Wow! Contact culebraislandre

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 63. Re: Getting Married on Culebra ron jones    01-04-05 15:41
Erin, Congrats on your wedding. My wife and I have been going to culebra for four years now and if it was me doing it I would strongly consider renting a house which gives you privacy, not th

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 64. Re: Guest cottage or apartment in Culebra Debbie New    12-03-04 19:41
You want to stay out near Zoni Beach for the most seclusion. Contact Jim at Culebra Island Realty. We have rented Casita Zoni, a small cottage out towards Zoni w

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 65. Re: House Rental Recommendation Debbie New    11-28-04 16:20
Contact Jim Galasso at Culebra Island Realty. He offers all sorts of rental houses. P.S. Not affiliated with them in any way; just a hap

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 66. Re: Zoni beach lodging Culebra WirelessNet    10-15-04 17:12
The Zoni Beach area is the most expensive on the island. I know Jim at Culebra Island Realty does Zoni rentals and Mike at Vacation Planners has some. Give them a buzz.

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 67. Re: Shelter! - Please Help Tracy    07-20-04 17:48
If you want to stay in town, there is a great house managed by Culebra-Island Realty. It has a great layout and even a small pool outside. It is near to town so you can walk everywhere at night. I

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 68. Re: Just back from Culebra!! RtisticFX    05-04-04 11:36
you may not find Culebra Island Realty here so check here as well:

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 69. Just back from Culebra!! RtisticFX    05-04-04 11:31
My husband and I just returned from Culebra and had the most amazing, relaxing time. We absolutely loved it and were sad to leave. We rented a house/villa from Jim Galasso at Culebra Isl

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 70. Re: Looking for a bungalow experience RtisticFX    05-04-04 11:09
also try culebra beach villas on Flamenco, not as private as Zoni Beach house, but another option. we stayed at Casa Marbella trough Jim Galasso at Culebra Island realty, which was just up the road f

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 71. Culebra Island Realty RtisticFX    04-11-04 20:32
we are planning on renting from Culebra Island Realty out at Zoni Beach. Has anyone stayed with them? Any and all feedback would be appreciated. thanks!!!

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 72. Re: Casita del Mar Admin    08-17-03 11:37
Jose, I believe the house is for rent and the agent for it is Jim Galasso. He is the owner of Culebra Island Realty. His email address you can find under

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