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 31. Re: Accomodation on beach Kristi    06-09-08 17:56
Peter- We rented Frangipangi from Jim at Culebra Island Realty. It's a BEAUTIFUL place!!!!!!!!

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 32. Re: Accomodation on beach Kristi    05-31-08 08:55
I'd suggest a place near Zoni Beach. It's quiet and very peaceful. We've rented a place just up the hill from Zoni though Jim at Culebra Island Realty. The house was very private and just a 5-10 mi

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 33. Re: Long-term Rental Jeannie G3    04-20-08 13:00
I agree with MJ, check Vacation Planners, they have a toll free number 1-866-285-3272 or check their link under SHELTER. Another is Jim or Cheryl Galasso at Culebra Island Realty (LIC #788

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 34. Re: rental for 4/29-5/7/08 Jeannie G3    04-14-08 22:48
Someone just stayed at Casa Pueblo from Culebra Island Realty, check out FORUM entry FANTASTIC TRIP, Will & Kelly, April 14, 08. This house has a pool.

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 35. Re: rental for 4/29-5/7/08 Ty Watson    04-09-08 09:51 I believe this is one of the few places on the island that has a pool. We stayed here and it was very nicely

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 36. Fantastic Trip!! Will & Kelly    04-06-08 22:35
Got back last week from a fabulus trip to Culebra & wanted to share the highlights! Casa Pueblo & Culebra Island Realty - great place, perfect location for us! Jim helped us figure it all out

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 37. Re: Nice Place to Stay Debbie    04-06-08 16:12
You must have stayed at Villa Boheme. That's the first place we stayed when we started going 8 years ago. Over the years, we've rented various dwellings from Jim Galasso at Culebra Island Realty.

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 38. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? KMJ    02-22-08 11:26
Look into Culebra Island Realty, they rent lots of different houses, i'm sure one of them would fit your needs. Jim is great to work with.

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 39. Re: Culebra accomodation Debbie    11-05-07 22:11
My recommendation:

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 40. Re: Rustic cottage March 2008 Kristi    07-09-07 21:59
We rented a house through Jim at Culebra Island Realty and had a very postive experience. Our house was located near Zoni Beach, which is the quiet end of the island. If you want some place seclude

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 41. Re: Trip Report Kristi    04-19-07 17:59
The house was Frangipangi. Culebra Island Realty has a very good website with descriptions and photos of their houses. Check it out if you haven't already.

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 42. Trip Report Kristi    04-17-07 18:19
We spent last week in Culebra and had a WONDERFUL time. Thanks to everyone who posts such great information on this website. It is so useful to people, especially those who are coming to Culebra for

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 43. Culebra trip report (kind of long) Pam    04-14-07 12:03
Hi! We returned from our first trip to Culebra last week (first week of April) -- it was wonderful! I was a 'lurker' around this forum before we left -- I want to thank everyone who participates her

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 44. Re: where to stay with a family Matthew Lee    04-11-07 17:26
We just got back and we stayed at casa aquabella. There were 3 couples, a single and two young kids. There are several places near there but casa aquabella would be a perfect gathering spot. There

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 45. Re: where to stay with a family Debbie    04-04-07 19:01
You might look into renting a large house from Culebra Island Realty

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 46. just back from la isla Gary Eichelberger    02-15-07 01:59
Got back last week from 13th trip to Culebra. We took friends this time for first time ever and they are hooked. Stayed at a house rented from Culebra Island Realty and it was great - sited on Pela/Al

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 47. Re: Help with Hotel in Culebra Debbie    01-16-07 08:05
Galasso's website is We have rented properties from him many times.

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 48. Re: place to stay for one month? Abe Ross    04-17-06 18:29
If you're looking for a place to "live", i.e., with a kitchen, living room, etc., for one month you should be able to get longer term rental rates from either Jim Galasso at Culebra Island Realty

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 49. Re: Real Estate Debbie    03-06-06 20:38
You've never been there, right? How can you know whether you'd like to spend a few months there next year? What if you hate it, like our friend John Saje? ;>) Seriously, 2-3 agents;

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 50. Re: First timers in Culebra 2006 Debbie    02-18-06 10:47
You may be happier renting an entire house from Culebra Island Realty or Vacation Planners, rather than a few rooms at the guesthouses you have listed. Neither Casa Ensenada nor Culebra Ocean View ar

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 51. Re: inexpensive rooms near Zoni beach Debbie    12-20-05 21:50
See Nice little p

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 52. June trip John Passantino    11-30-05 13:00
Me, my wife and some friends of ours are planning a trip (way in advance obviously) for early June 2006. There will probably be at least 5 of us and we're looking to rent a house for a week. We aren

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 53. Re: Looking for a place in or near Dewey in late Jan or early Feb Debbie    11-28-05 22:17
There is a perfect three bedroom apartment that I can't seem to find information on - please ask Jim at Culebra Island Realty about Villa Violette. He sold it recently, but it doesn't appear on his w

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 54. Re: Looking for a place in or near Dewey in late Jan or early Feb Eunie    11-27-05 18:08
Did you check You may be able to find what you are looking for through them. There are several listings for rent near Zoni Beach and some listings close to Dewey. They woul

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 55. Re: flights from Puerto Rico ron    11-17-05 14:32
Frank, as far as your statement, Culebra will always be a special island to all of us but when do you think it is time for certain businesses to be customer friendly? Hopefully you didn't take this wr

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 56. Re: looking for Culeba expert! Debbie    09-30-05 18:23
For something a little more upscale and private than Villa Boheme, contact Culebra Island Realty. (see Shelter on this site). Specifically, look at a lovely house called Casa Pueblo:

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 57. Re: "Resorts" Frank Drigotas    08-31-05 12:15
Scott- I think the suggestion of looking to rent a house is a good one also. You can go through Mike at Vacation Planners or Jim at Culebra Island Realty. Many houses contain what you a

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 58. Re: "Resorts" Debbie    08-30-05 19:28
Scott - You'd be just as well off renting a small rental property from Culebra Island Realty, especially if you're looking for peace and quiet and alone time (after all, it's your honem

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 59. Re: Casablanco Condo Lauren Najmola    07-08-05 09:14
Sharon, Thank you so much for your helpful insites and your website with the photos is amazing, so well done and organized! I should figure out how to do that... Anyway, I think I found u

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 60. Re: Beaches ron    05-16-05 14:42
Kathryn, Debbie is right on the money. Zoni is the place to stay for a your honeymoon. Contact There are some great houses at great deals. Since you will be going in

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