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 1. buying a home Gooey B    04-26-22 17:26
Hello, My family is looking to move out of the main 48, and I am thinking about buying a home on the island for year-round use. Seems that does not have any

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 2. Re: House Jennifer White    03-31-19 21:08
We just returned from Culebra, and there is a hardware store on the road to Flamenco right next to Carlos Jeep rental. As noted above, is the correct website for real estate.

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 3. Re: House Doug    03-31-19 12:15
Culebra Island Realty was sold, and it's name is Island Realty LLC. Service is even better.

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 4. Re: House Jennifer White    03-19-19 20:22 We've worked with them in the past for rentals. They are the only real estate agents I know of on the island. Sorry I can't answer how to get building supplies to the i

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 5. Re: Buying in Culebra? Geronimo    04-13-18 08:27 Hurricanes have been happening for billions of years bro. Wait until one hits Miami or NYC.

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 6. Re: Permanent home Michelle Plaia    05-09-17 13:04
Long term rentals are nearly impossible here. Are you in a position to purchase a home? Check out

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 7. Re: Listings Specialk    01-26-17 13:56 has a pretty comprehensive list of properties and lots for sale. If none of those suit you, perhaps you might contact that Realtor who owns that site to see if they

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 8. Re: Real estate listings for Culebra? Donna Pickard    09-25-16 14:19
can start with

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 9. Re: Trip 6/13-6/20 Alissa    04-30-15 18:38
Hi Corry, Try Cheryl at Culebra Island Realty. They have the largest inventory of vacation rentals on the island.

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 10. Re: Zoni Beach Rental Homes: Brisas and Casa Zoni Jennifer White    01-31-15 17:33
Matt, I've stayed in Casa Zoni twice. We were planning to rent it again last March but were recommended another home due to construction nearby. It's always been clean and in good condition.

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 11. Re: Rental Homes on Culebra Donna Pickard    01-26-15 09:12
In addition to Jim's (Culebra Island Realty) listings there are another 100 listing for Culebra rentals at Donna Casa del Sol

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 12. Rental Homes on Culebra Matt L    01-25-15 00:37
Good morning, I'm planning my first trip to Culebra for March of this year. I would like to rent a small house near the water (preferably no more than a 2 or 3 minute walk), with nice se

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 13. Re: BILL W ...anyone know him??? Sue B    01-24-15 19:11
Meetings are 7pm Tuesdays & Fridays at the meeting room at the new school. There is also an 8 am meditation meeting at the Culebra Island Realty office.

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 14. Re: BILL W ...anyone know him??? KCZ    12-28-14 18:51
I goggled culebra island realty and found this website with phone numbers:

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 15. Re: BILL W ...anyone know him??? Debbie    12-20-14 16:43
I believe that Jim Galasso is organizing and can help you. Call Culebra Island Realty at 787-742-0052.

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 16. Re: Culebra house to rent or room to rent for a few months bosie    11-18-13 09:20
You might try Jim Galasso at Culebra Island Realty: 787-435-6752 - cell 787- 742-0227- office

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 17. Re: Need suggestion S.V.I bound    06-13-12 13:56
check out Blue Horizon, Culebra Island Realty, and Home Away.

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 18. Re: looking for house rental Sphinx    01-17-12 13:48
If you want to talk to someone about houses to rent and where you'd like to stay get in touch with either Jim Galasso at Culebra Island Realty 787-742-0052 or Mike McCarty at Culebra Vacation Planners

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 19. Re: buying property Geronimo    03-10-11 10:20
You can contact Jim Galasso at "Culebra Island Realty" who would be able to answer all of your questions. He is a local realtor as well as property mamager. CONTACT INFORMATION: Cu

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 20. Re: Room inquiry doesn't work - code.gif isn't visible Debbie    01-30-11 09:19
Hi - I have heard the same thing from one of the owners on Culebra. She hasn't gotten e-mail from this forum since December. Why don't you let us know which ones you are trying to get in touch with

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 21. Casa Peregrine - Great Rental BG    01-03-11 10:40
Just returned from a GREAT rental on Culebra Cheryl Galasso at Culebra Island Realty ( was terrific setting everything up Casa Peregrine was perfect for 2 coupl

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 22. Re: have ?? about coming richard    08-11-10 22:15
Jerry has all sorts of sizes, but mostly suzuki samurai, some may look like beaters but they get you where you need to go. Mark: 30 minutes for the map and advice? I think it just feels like that, dud

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 23. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra Lawrence D.    02-10-10 17:11
Daniel, You are halfway there!! As for 100.00 a night, here you get what you pay for. I recommend Bahia Marina at 178.00 a night but it’s worth it. Great Views, great rooms with kitchens an

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 24. Re: House/Apt Trade - Culebra-NYC? Or Long term Rental? Jeannie G3    10-05-09 20:49
Hola! Have you ever tried Vacation Rentals By Owner? I have, as well as several of my friends and relatives. It works out great and you might be able to work out a house exchange with the ow

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 25. Re: Looking for a place to rent for large group of people Debbie    09-28-09 18:33
You may get all kinds of opinions here; best to call one of the rental agencies directly with your numbers and dates (especially if it's President's Day Week in February - very popular vacation week o

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 26. Trip Report David Whitten    03-03-09 17:15
We visited Culebra 2/15 thru 2/20. We stayed at Trade Winds which we rented from Jim at Culebra Island Realty. The house sits above Zoni and is an easy walk down to and back from the beach. Jim was gr

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 27. Re: propiedad en culebra Jeannie G3    03-01-09 14:47
Hola! Busca en los clasificados del periodico de Culebra: Tambien Culebra Island Realty: Happy travels! J

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 28. Re: Ocean View Quiet Villas Marywho    02-26-09 07:30
why wouldn't you call up one of the rental agents here (Culebra Island realty, Vacation Planners, Blue Horizons) and see what they have for your dates? How about Zoni Beach House?

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 29. Just back from la isla Tracy Eichelberger    02-10-09 17:44
Another great stay last week...(no.15 for Tracy, no.17 for Gary) Too windy for the kayaking we wanted to do (sorry Jim) but the water was great and had a great time one day at Zoni (thank

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 30. Trade Winds David Whitten    01-15-09 14:44
We are staying in Trade Winds (rented from Jim @ Culebra Island Realty). Anybody stayed there before? Anything particular re the house? Best route to Zoni? Any other useful info? Thanks

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