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 1. Re: Hotels with Docks or Moorings Michael    06-16-09 13:39
Casa Espada, Villa Pelicano, Culebra Island Villas come to mind as well.

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 2. Re: casa espada Michael    10-04-06 10:52
The best way to get all the comments and reviews for Casa Espada is: go to shelter, then $$$, and then click on 'comments' next to the listing you would like to know everthing written her

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 3. Re: casa espada Debbie    10-04-06 07:47
Laura, He didn't say he'd stayed at Casa Espada. Michael is the webmaster of this site, and so is responsible for guest house listings. I did a search here for Casa Espada

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 4. Re: casa espada Laura courtney    10-04-06 03:00
michael, it's good to hear from someone who's actually stayed at casa espada. i reserved a jeep on culebra yesterday w/thrifty car rentals and the guy who took my order had never heard of casa espada

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 5. Re: casa espada Laura courtney    10-04-06 02:56
Thank you for all the information! I'm relieved to hear it will be cold enough for a blanket at night. That sounds perfect!

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 6. Re: casa espada Michael    10-02-06 12:32
Laura, Just one thing about reservations of Vacation rentals and cancellation fees: As you mention, your options are dwindling fast. VRs in Culebra do not have a lot of rooms

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 7. Re: casa espada Debbie    10-02-06 07:59
I've not stayed there, but here are a couple of answers for you. You shouldn't need air conditioning in Dec/Jan, especially since it's located right on the water. In fact, you may be see

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 8. casa espada Laura courtney    10-02-06 02:42
my 16-yr old son and i will be staying in culebra dec 30-jan 1. i couldn't find any place to stay that was big enough for us. i found several apartments and villas for rent by their owners but they we

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 9. Re: Just Returned From Culebra Joyce    02-28-06 20:34
Hi, Wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful information regarding visiting Culebra. We just got back after spending 7 days there with 3 children ages 9, 7, & 5. We stayed at Casa Espada and had a

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 10. Re: Docking? Admin    10-23-04 16:53
Villa Boheme and Casa Ensenada come to mind! Also Casa Espada and Tati's, on the other side of the bay! - check out the shelter section, it will give you an overview of who has a dock and how much the

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 11. Re: Rental House Diane    02-17-03 14:39
We are interested in Casa Espada. Please email with rates and pictures if possible. Thank you.

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 12. Culebra Rental House Teresa Perez    02-10-03 10:21
I want to anounce our Rental Home - CASA ESPADA. It is a two house apartment, located in Ensenada Honda bay, 1.5 miles from the airport going towards Las Delicias. The house can be rented with a pier.

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