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 1. Re: Car rental Kevin C    10-15-15 20:14
Yes there are rental agencies at the airport. And if they're not there, you can walk easily to both Jerry and Carlos. Give Jerry's jeeps a call now and make your reservation and they'll pick you up at

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 2. Re: golf cart rental Donna Pickard    03-03-15 10:19
Contact Carlos Jeep Rental, 787 742-3514 or Jerry's Jeep Rental 787 742-0526. Both have golf carts and will meet you at the ferry.....

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 3. Re: auto rental Doug    12-27-14 12:41
I don't think there are any banger rentals remaining. Jerry's is now run by his son who changed the fleet to new Jeeps such as Carlos rents.

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 4. Casa Robinson now bookable online! Michael    01-14-14 05:06
Mr. Robinson (check his tripadvisor rating) agreed to open a couple fo his rooms to and have them bookable online!!! I am very excited! He picks up from the ferry (he will

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 5. Re: First visit Tim S    07-08-13 13:39
I agree with JeffandMary. Given your short stay in PR, it's best to get yourself there fast using a reliable mode of transport. Definitely fly. Sounds like you should stay in town. T

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 6. Taking Rental Car from PR to Culebra Francis    10-08-12 03:29
Do you know if this is possible at all? I'm planning to rent car from San Juan with Dollar and want to bring it to Culebra through Cargo.It sucks that there is a very limited options for rental cars

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 7. Re: Golf Cart Rental with Kid?? Marcos Ferreira    07-25-12 20:33
Hi there, I don't know if it's the law, but I believe it's a policy that they have due to their insurance. However, Jerry's Jeep rents jeeps for as low as $45.00 per day and you can fit up to 4 or 5 p

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 8. Golf Cart Rental with Kid?? melissa caudill    07-25-12 16:21
HI, Any suggestions for a cheap golf cart rental? Carlos' told me that no kids allowed under 12 years of age. Is this a PR law? Would prefer this cheaper option rather than a jeep. Thanks and lo

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 9. Re: Rental car on the ferry to culebra Marcos Ferreira    06-05-12 12:06
Hello Torben, I live in culebra and run a guesthouse. One of my guests was able to bring a car rental on the ferry, but I'm not sure how he did it. I believe if you're able to pre-purchas

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 10. Re: Rental car on the ferry to culebra Anthony Naska    06-05-12 09:16
I believe only residents can bring a car on the island. You have to rent one when you get on the island. I rented one at Carlos' Jeeps. You can make a reservation online.

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 11. Our first visit to Culebra Amanda Merchant    04-24-12 18:38
Hi everyone! I have been reading up on things via this forum for over two months now, getting ready for our May trip to Culebra. We will be staying Monday through Friday and will be at the Seabreeze

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 12. Re: Stay away from Club Seabourne upflore1    03-27-12 17:57
By the way, I'd like to say thanks to the staff of Carlos Jeep Rentals, and Flamenco Air. Both were very courteous, helpful, and professional.

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 13. Re: Kayaks Kirk    11-18-11 08:10
Kayaks are a bit problematic in Culebra. Last year the bike shop above the dinghy dock was really the only place to get them. Keep calling, though you can just walk in when you get there. He only has

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 14. Re: car rental options palmettoculebra    09-24-11 08:19
Good morning, Willy really only rents "jeep" (singular). He's more of a taxi/water taxi type contact. So, yes, the three rental companies are D & C, Jerry, & Carlos. B

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 15. car rental options Katya Plyshevsky    09-23-11 15:41
I just booked my second trip to culebra... yeay!!!! and was wondering if Willy is still renting jeeps. I tried to call him a few times and there is no answer. Are the only options Carlos and Jerry?

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 16. Re: Request for Info Sandra C    09-23-11 13:48
Fajardo Ferry 787-977-2200 for more info or directions The Fajardo Ferry to Culebra is just for $2.25 Yes, ther are safe, fenced, gated parking lots with attendants. $5/day. that you can

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 17. Re: Rental cars palmettoculebra    08-14-11 06:54
Good morning, Jerry (older Suzukis), Carlos (new Jeeps & golfcarts), & Dick & Cathy (Volkswagon Thing) are the three rental car options. All are good choices, just depending on your vehicle pref

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 18. Re: Rental Jeep Warning DAVID BREWBAKER    05-06-11 16:22
No one rents Jeeps from Commander Jerry for the Jeep, you rent a Jeep for the illegible map. I swear to God I have seen that map in the permanent collection of MOMA in NYC and as incipherable hiero

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 19. Re: Rental Jeep Warning Alan Majka    05-01-11 11:05
In response to comments made by Terrie of Palmetto GH and other friends of Jerry, I just want to clarify that I never accused Jerry of being dishonest and I never said other rental folks were not "VE

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 20. Rental Jeep Warning Alan Majka    02-25-11 07:18
We just returned one of Jerry's heaps. What he did not tell us until after we rented the old Isuzu Trooper was that there is a gas shortage on the island and the customer must bear the responsibilty.

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 21. Re: Jerry's Jeep Debbie    02-05-11 16:41
Did you research the options before you got there? If you had used this forum, you would have been able to determine the differences between the two companies. Jerry's is affectionately known as Jer

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 22. Jerry's Jeep James Barrios    02-05-11 06:07
My wife and I went to Culebra Island for one night and stayed at Flamenco beach in the Villas. We rented a jeep from Jerry's jeep what a mistake that was all of his vehicles are falling apart, the guy

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 23. Vehicle rental under 25 yrs old Weston Reynolds    08-17-10 16:35
Hi there, planning a trip to Culebra and looking into renting vehicles. I am not 25, which is the minimum age for rental @ Carlos' Jeep Rentals. Many major car rental companies will rent to people a

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 24. Trip Report July 17-24 Vicki moore    08-10-10 21:44
We spent the week of July 10 on Vieques and took the 9AM Air Flamenco flight from Vieques to Culebra. We grabbed our bags and went across the street to get our "jeep" from Jerry. Although I still had

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 25. Re: getting from vieques Geronimo    07-14-10 08:54
Air Flamenco flies from Vieques to Culebra. The last time I took that trip the flight left around 9:00am and then the return was around 4:30 so you had all day to visit the other island. The price w

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 26. Re: jeep rental Geronimo    04-01-10 09:03
If you want a shiny new one then see Carlos but you will pay more.

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 27. Re: Need Help - Melones VS. Flamenco VS. Carlos Sue Dyle    01-16-10 16:17
Don't bother trying to snorkel at Flamenco-rough water makes it too hard. Just body surf there. I've seen people washed into the corral at the end of the beach a couple of times, its not a pretty si

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 28. Re: where is this rental? hillman    10-29-09 07:55
Correction: This rental is on the WEST coast overlooking Louis Pena. Here is the link to the car rental:

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 29. Re: where is this rental? hillman    10-28-09 16:33
This property belongs to Carlos of Carlos Jeep Rental. It is located on the hill on the east side of the island above Louis Pena.

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 30. Re: SJ to Culebra: excellent option fro transport Matt TOSIELLO    09-01-09 23:49
I used to be an event planner and marketing manager so I'm not going to downplay how hard it is to book a trip for 45 people... however... I am going to jump to Jerry's defense here. We'

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