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 1. BamBu pinchos john vigliotti    04-26-16 16:09
Last Week we stoped at a new eatery BAMBU the largest and tender pinchos i have ever had. Limited menu ,very reasonably priced a few outdoor tables . They are trying very clean and worth a visit. Ba

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 2. Re: Barbara Rosa's closed? Michael    03-03-16 00:55
Could anyone currently on island confirm?

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 3. Barbara Rosa's closed? Jackie F    01-22-16 15:35
Is Barbara Rosa's closed only temporarily? We always look forward to her great food but it is closed now.

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 4. Re: Dining Vicki moore    03-21-12 23:01
Second Barbara Rosa's. We love that place.

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 5. Re: Dining kay torres    03-18-12 11:33
I HIGHLY recommend Susie's. BEST meal we had on the island. Barbara Rosa's was good, cheap(BYOB), and an experience also!

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 6. Re: Places to eat in Culebra Donna Pickard    12-07-10 11:37
Don't skip Barbara-Rosa's (on road between school and airport). Seafood, pork and beef...... all really good and reasonable!

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 7. Trip Report July 17-24 Vicki moore    08-10-10 21:44
We spent the week of July 10 on Vieques and took the 9AM Air Flamenco flight from Vieques to Culebra. We grabbed our bags and went across the street to get our "jeep" from Jerry. Although I still had

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 8. Re: Weather & Cash beachbound    02-21-10 10:59
As far as cash, I believe there are a couple places outside Flamenco that only accept cash: Heather's (pizzeria), Susie's, Barbara Rosa's and Juanita Banana's.

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 9. Casa Ensenada Gary Markman    02-02-10 13:40
My wife and I had a Wonderful! time in Culebra at the beginning of Jan 2010. Casa Ensinada was exactly as expected. We stayed in both the Pequeno and the Estudio and both were perfectly acceptable.

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 10. Re: Sunfish rental in Culebra? bosie    07-07-09 13:16
Alfa, I don't believe there are any sailboats to rent on Culebra. You might try kayaking, talk to Jim at Barbara Rosa's restaurant. Good luck!

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 11. Trip Report David Whitten    03-03-09 17:15
We visited Culebra 2/15 thru 2/20. We stayed at Trade Winds which we rented from Jim at Culebra Island Realty. The house sits above Zoni and is an easy walk down to and back from the beach. Jim was gr

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 12. Just back from la isla Tracy Eichelberger    02-10-09 17:44
Another great stay last week...(no.15 for Tracy, no.17 for Gary) Too windy for the kayaking we wanted to do (sorry Jim) but the water was great and had a great time one day at Zoni (thank

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 13. Weather this coming week. Angelina    11-10-08 15:59
So, my hubby and I are headed to Culebra/PR on Wednesday!! Leaving our house at 5am sounds like a bummer, but I figure it'll get us prepared for the pre-dawn roosters :) We have been watching t

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 14. Re: Culebra Places to Eat Frank    10-21-08 13:50
Always on my list when on Culebra: Susie's (always excellent) El Batey (lunch spot, best cheeseburgers) Barbara Rosa's (byob, great value for great food) Heather's (pizz

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 15. Re: getting to Luis Pena and Culebrita palmettoculebra    04-30-08 15:53
My understanding is that the government subsidizes the ferries to/from Culebra, whereas the water taxi folks are trying to earn a living. For kayaks, you can speak with Jim. His wife ru

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 16. Re: Best Seafood place to eat richard    03-07-08 17:48
for value I'd nominate Barbara Rosa's as a contender. esp. if shark tenders are on the menu.

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 17. Re: kyacking Doug    01-16-08 10:30
The folks at Barbara Rosa's are the ones to talk to about this. They will discuss your experience and apply their knowledge of the water conditions and let you know your best options.

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 18. Re: Kayak Rental? Abe Ross    01-15-08 16:11
On the Forum page, upper left hand margin, click on To Do and then on kayaks. I would try Jim Peterson. I think you can find him at Barbara Rosa's.

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 19. Re: Fly Fishing Rentals? MJ    01-15-08 05:48
Get in touch with Chris Goldmark; he's the fly fishing guy here, I don't know the answe

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 20. Re: Day Trip to Culebra palmettoculebra    01-09-08 13:38
Good afternoon Ryan, 1. Many people use scooters to get around the island & it works out well. 2. Lots of day trippers come over on the 9am ferry & leave again on the 5pm. It is a good ide

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 21. Re: First time in Culebra (in the Caribbean for that matter!) Katin Daniels    11-01-07 22:51
We went to the *amazing* island of Culebra for our honeymoon- and I like to eat great food so here's where I found it (least expensive first) This review is really loooong!: The kio

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 22. Just Got Back... Tara    05-02-07 22:32
Hey Everyone, Just got back and can't say enough. Everything was more than I could have imagined but here's a few tidbits of info: 1) If your trying to get to Suzies ask for The Wo

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 23. Culebra trip report (kind of long) Pam    04-14-07 12:03
Hi! We returned from our first trip to Culebra last week (first week of April) -- it was wonderful! I was a 'lurker' around this forum before we left -- I want to thank everyone who participates her

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 24. Places to Eat Kathryn Cox    03-01-07 12:45
I will be visiting Culebra soon and are trying to get a list of places to eat together. These are the ones I have so far.... Pandeli El Eden El Batey El Caobo He

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 25. Re: Just back from Culebra R. Emmett    02-25-07 17:21
I appreciate your comments and I give high marks to Barbara Rosa's food and ambiance; fair prices and good cross-talk with other diners. All groceries we needed were available at Superette Mayra; we

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 26. Re: Food and Vegetarian Options on Culebra R. Emmett    02-23-07 10:02
Mamia's yellow rice was made with chicken on one day. The beans had chunks of squash. Ask the vendor as there are dishes made without meat..we had chickpeas with a tomato sauce that was meat-less. I

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 27. just back from la isla Gary Eichelberger    02-15-07 01:59
Got back last week from 13th trip to Culebra. We took friends this time for first time ever and they are hooked. Stayed at a house rented from Culebra Island Realty and it was great - sited on Pela/Al

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 28. Food on Culebra steen    01-10-07 17:21
HI all, Talk food to me :) My husband and I were on Culebra last year and had a difficult time finding options. We frequented Mamacita's and Barbara Rosa's--as well as the kiosk by the ferry ter

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 29. Re: getting around culebra Tate Kauffman    01-09-07 22:09
I have happily rented Jeeps from Jerry twice (and will do so again in January). Nothing fancy, but they got the job done. If you are comfortable in a kayak, that can be a good way to see Luis P

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 30. Re: barbarosa's? Gary Eichelberger    01-01-07 21:42
Looking forward to seeing Jim and Barbara again. Are they open for lunch as well or just dinner...?

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