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Fruit & Veggie Truck? Holiday Festivities?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Barbara Martin (
Date:   12-01-05 17:35

Hi all:

I haven't been to Culebra for a few years, but am going over the holidays. Does the lady with the fruit and veggie truck still come over from Fajardo? If not, where do people buy fresh fruits, etc.?

What sort of New Year's Eve festivities might there be?

Lastly, I heard that Lana Ruiz passed away. That's too bad, she was very reliable for water taxi service and a real character to boot. Is anyone offering similar water taxi service?

Thanks in advance for any info,

Barbara Martin

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Re: Fruit & Veggie Truck? Holiday Festivities?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   12-05-05 11:27


The grocery stores have grown in recent years and are now handling a much wider selection of fresh produce. There are several, but the one I know the best is Milka over by Joe's Frozen Hielo. I'm not sure if the truck still operates or not.

On New Year's there is a great party in the plaza by the ferry dock. In 2002, they had 2 bands, wonderful dancing and fireworks that went off a bit earlier than midnight (now, there's a switch).

Lana was one of my favorite Culebrenses. I'll always remember when she took me and my disabled friend on a sunset cruise, and salsa danced with him, despite his disability, as if he were Fred Astaire. Her boat, Tanama, is now operated by another lady, Capt. Pat , wife of Capt. Jack, of Muff the Dive Boat fame. They will be able to provide good service for taxi customers.

Happy New Year!

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