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A Bad Experience turned Good At Dingy Dock
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: julie (209.190.129.---)
Date:   01-03-05 11:51

My fiance and I just got back from a wonderful week in Culebra. We stayed at Culebra Beach Villas, on lovely Flamenco Beach.
We had not rented a car, so we ended up hitching when we needed to go into town. It was fun, and we met some very friendly people. The second night we got there, we hitched a lift into town with a family who also satying at culebra Beach Villas, and went to dinner at Dingy Dock. It was very crowded with holiday travelers and we waited about an hour for a table. Once seated, we waited about an hour for our food. My fiance, starving by this time, began to gripe. I assured him it was just "island time", but after an hour I went to the kitchen to inquire after our food. Turns out they had indeed lost our order. We were very hungry, and were grumbling to ourselves until the owner came out and apologized, and informed us he wouldn't charge us for the food. We thought that was a very nice gesture. But then, once the owner became aware that the family who had given us a lift into town had finsihed their meal and was leaving, he offered to give us a lift back to Flamenco Beach. I thought that was incredibly kind of him. We ended up not needing a lift because the family actually came back for us later.
I just wanted to share how the owner of Dingy Dock went above and beyond what he had to do make us happy.
Oh, and the food was fantastic!

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