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water taxi or boat rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sharon DiLorenzo (
Date:   12-05-04 06:40

There are 4 of us going to Culebra in Feb and we want to check out Culebrita and other good snorkeling spots nearby. Has anyone rented a boat and gone out on their own? Should we hire someone to take us out? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Sharon

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Re: water taxi or boat rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: David Magee (63.175.186.---)
Date:   12-05-04 09:23

I'm sitting at the famous Mamasita's Sunday Brunch (on the Culebra WirelessNet Hotspot) looking a nice looking boat that says Culebra Water Taxi with a number of 787-369-9807. The boat is big and has plenty of space. Don't forget your laptop!

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Re: water taxi or boat rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: luis grundler (
Date:   12-05-04 14:29

Hi,Sharon we have water taxi service departure from Mamacitas
we go to Culebrita ,Luis Pena ,Carlos Rosario Beach we start a new
V.I.P day trip to Dakity include : B.B.Q. lunch ,Kayaks one hour, snorkel
equipment and one free drink we have bar onboard for the customers
rate $ 45.00 p.p.

For reservation call 787-360-9807

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Re: water taxi or boat rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: culebra boat rental (
Date:   12-05-04 16:12


Yes, hundreds of our customers have rented a boat and gone out on their own to check out Culebrita and other good snorkeling spots.

There are many benefits and advantages to renting boat, including going when and where you want, as often as you want, staying for as long as you want, and, for a party of four, less expense.

Having a Culebra Boat Rental motorboat greatly expands your opportunities for things to do and places to see in Culebra. You can explore around offshore islets, swim and sunbathe at remote beaches, snorkel and dive on Culebra’s reefs (such as Carlos Rosario, Punta Soldado, Punta Melones) and the surrounding island’s reefs (Culebrita, Cayo Notre, Luis Peña), fish over shoals, reefs, and bays, and go shopping and to restaurants in town.

We emphasize safety and convenience for our boat renters. The motorboats meet Coast Guard safety regulations and are in good operating condition. Equipment includes life jackets, a bimini for protection from sun and rain, swim platform and ladder, cooler, cellular phone, operating instructions for the motor, and a laminated chart of Culebra. The chart shows moorings and anchorages at coral reefs and beaches and it has photos of the seaward approaches to those areas.

For more information about Culebra Boat Rental, including photos of the boats, rental rates, and comments from former renters, see

In addition to CBR, my wife, Jackie, and I own and operate a waterfront guesthouse, Casa Ensenada, which you might consider for your Culebra lodging. Using a CBR boat while staying at Casa Ensenada is an ideal combination.
- Convenience. Your lodging and your boat are at the same place. You can use the boat at your leisure. It’s as though you are at your own oceanside house with your own boat right in front.
- Casa Ensenada boat renters get a $50 discount on one-day boat rentals..

For more information about Casa Ensenada, see Be sure to see the virtual tour!

And, Casa Ensenada is a Culebra Wireless for guests!

Email us at or call us, toll free, at 1 866 210-0709.

Enjoy Culebra!

Butch Pendergast
Culebra Boat Rental

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Re: water taxi or boat rental
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   12-06-04 05:34

Culebra Boat rental sounds good to me given the description of what you want to do.
However, I will not put more than four persons.
I have rented with them before, and will keep renting depending on my needs.
Most of all Butch & Jackie are very nice people, and they have all the security items for their boats.
If you choose other, ASK, that you want to see the security equipment.
I do not work fot the Pendergast's, I have rented, and I have stayed at their Casa Ensenada.
Nice stay, good luck, enjoy.

Capt. J.Guzman

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