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Culebra or Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Chuck Newkirk (
Date:   11-28-04 21:30

Hello all. My wife and I are coming to Puerto Rico in Feb 2005 (with another couple). We've been to Cozumel a lot of times and decided to do something new. From what I've read it sounds like the places to be are Culebra and/or Vieques...not the mainland. We have five nights total for our trip. We are having a very difficult time deciding on an itenerary. Do we do half Culebra and have Vieques...or do we do all of one and none of the other. Any thoughts out there? Which island is better? Suggestions on lodging for four people less than 1 week? We like beach finding, diving, and just relaxing while exploring new areas. Thanks! -chuck

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Re: Culebra or Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   11-29-04 08:09

You can do either, or both.
I like Culebra better because of its beaches, and relaxing.
Vieques, has very good beaches too, and there is more movement of people.
My choice in Culebra for lodging is Villa Boheme 787 742 3508, ask for Juan.
In Vieques, I like the Ocean View hotel, for that one I do not have the number.
Hope this helps, nice stay.

Capt. J.Guzman

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Re: Culebra or Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Chicago (199.3.218.---)
Date:   11-29-04 21:14

Is there a boat or ferry that goes from Culebra to Vieques? We would like to spend most of our vacation in Culebra, but go to Vieques for a day (maybe stay overnight for one night). What would the cost be? Thanks in advance for any info!

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Re: Culebra or Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   11-30-04 06:54

check out the transport section

Enjoy Culebra!


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Re: Culebra or Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sharon DiLorenzo (
Date:   11-30-04 07:51

Hi Chuck,
We have never been to Culebra or Vieques (only St John in the USVI) but are also going in Feb. We are going to both islands but have 11 days. It seems like travel between the two islands is not that simple unless you want to pay to fly. With 4 of you, I'd suggest calling Isla Nena and some of the other small airlines to see if you can get a flight between the islands. We're using Isla Nena to fly into Vieques, then from Vieques to Culebra, then Culebra back to SJU. With only 5 days, you might consider just one island for now and come back again later on to check out the other. If you choose Vieques, don't miss the bio bay.

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