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Looking for boat captain, cook, for Decmber
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Zane Cofield (
Date:   11-03-04 07:47

Hello folks,

I am trying to locate some help during our visit to Culebra from 21 DEC to 28 DEC.

We'd like a boat captain, private only, USCG licensed, to run a night dive for us on December 25th, 2004, and also we'd like to hire someone to do some pre-arrival grocery shopping, do some cooking, and cleaning, before and during our visit.

Does anyone know who might be interested?

During our visit we will want someone to come in mid-week or our stay, do some light housekeeping at the place we're staying, in one of our friend Jim Galasso's villas, and also would need someone to come in midweek and cook a nice criollo meal for our family, as we like to sample native cuisine wherever we travel. We are a family of scuba divers, with two instructors, two divemasters, and two rescue divers, who would also like a qualified captain to take us out for a nice shallow Christmas night dive, which we do as a tribute to our daughter who we lost last year to cancer. She was a 29 year old spitfire who loved the sea, and we do this to honor her memory, as this is our first Christmas without her, and her last trip with us to Bimini was her most favorite trip of her short life. Equipment has already been arranged on island, and the rest of our gear we will transport with us. The captain should know the island, know a suitable reef in the lee of the island where we can have a good time. There will be seven passengers, consisting of six divers and one snorkeler, who loves night snorkeling. We are all veteran divers, and our family owns the local dive shop in town here at home, so the captain will not have to deal with any greenhorns. I am a PADI Master and will oversee the dive and will have two of my safety divers with me to help out.

Some weeks ago, I had received a letter from Tracey and Alida, telling me that they were willing to stock our villa prior to our arrival, with food staples, etc., and that they took PayPal payment in return for their services, and Tracey had been extremely helpful with island information, and I have tried to contact her in recent days, but she is not answering email. If anyone can find those girls, please let me know, and if anyone will captain that boat on Christmas for the night scuba dive, I would sincerel appreciate your help, and will make it worth your while.

I have arranged to pick up dive tanks and weights from Richard and Luc, and will have my crew equipment-check their gear prior to the night dive. We will supply the beverages and food for the captain, as well as a nice payment for services, due to his or her having to take a couple hours out of their Christmas evening. I have also rented a boat from Butch for the entire week we are there, and would meet the captain offshore or at another island if necessary, but would like a more experienced captain for the actual dive outing, as I am only as familiar with the reefs as I can be, from my own nautical and sailing charts (I am USCG licensed as well, but do not think I can find a great reef in night-dive depth on my own, as I will only have been there for four days when Christmas rolls around. I would also consider the captain for other trips, provided the service is beyond excellent. There can be no alcoholic beverages on the boat before the dive is complete, as I do not allow any vessel to carry alcoholic beverages during a night dive, neither at my home shop, nor any dive we take while abroad.

To the potential Captain:

I am a PADI Master Instructor with over 1400 dives in the tropics, and my pax range in age from 18 to 79 years of age, all veterans of island travel, so there will be NO inexperienced divers aboard your vessel. Five of our six divers are Rescue Diver Level or above, and were all personally trained by me. I have certified in excess of one thousand divers. We will have our boat docked wherever Butch tells us to, but we will arrange picking up the tanks and weights prior to the dive. The captain will eat dinner with our private party prior to the dive, and is welcome to share a cocktail with us afterward, if he chooses, in addition to the payment for services rendered.

To the potential housekeeper/cook:

You will have unlimited funds to procure food for a dinner for us, all endemic/native cooking, fish and shellfish, chicken, etc., and will have free reign in our two kitchens in order to prepare the meal. Cleaning of the villa would be on 23 December and 26 December, just straightening up and changing linens and the like. Funds will be wired or paid by your choice of methods in plenty of time to find what you need for the following dishes:

8 Lobsters, steamed
Ham, baked or barbecued Puerto Rican style sauces
Yellowtail snapper, four 1lb. fish baked
Puerto Rican rice and beans
Wines, full bodied red, and a Chardonnay
Coca cola
Iced tea
8 Flans
High-quality Brandy

For stocking the refrigerator at Villa Violette, prior to our arrival on 21 December, I would like the following:

Fresh fruits
Salads, including Chayote
Ham and cheese for sandwiches for day outings
A small cooler, ice chest

Other details for anyone who accepts the jobs.

Thank you for your kind consideration of my request. Must have references, including Butch Pendergast or Jim Galasso.

Best regards,

Zane Cofield
email me at or call me Stateside at 315-337-9475, collect.

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Re: Looking for boat captain, cook, for Decmber
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   11-04-04 05:50

I'm a USCG certified captain, who can cook one or two native meals... no more.
I have been visiting Culebra since 1984, and taking divers too.
I would recommend only two divers in Butch's boat, two with gear and the captain is far too dangerous, even more a t night.
The rate for that date, is very very expensive.
You may want to check bigger bareboats in st thomas.

Capt. J.Guzman
USCG 100GT # 1006984
787642 8270

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Re: Looking for boat captain, cook, for Decmber
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Dustin Graham (
Date:   11-05-04 21:38

My name is Dustin Graham and I have been living in Culebra on and off for the past 5 years. I am a USCG licensed 100 GT captain, and have been the captain of the Culebra Divers (the other dive shop) dive boat, and have been on many dives all around the entire area. I have also worked for many years as a cook and then a chef, I was actually brought down to Culebra by Mamacitas to run the resturant. I will be heading back down in mid Nov. and will be working all around the area. If you would like to talk you can call me at (772)834-4798. And I am sorry to hear of your loss. That sounds like a great way to remember her.
Captain Dustin

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