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Taking the pulse
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Matt W from MI (
Date:   12-22-20 17:42

Hello Dear Culebra-loving friends. It's been a few years since we've vacationed in Culebra (2018) and I'm going through some withdrawal. But of course we stayed away in 2020 due to all of the pandemic madness. I have some questions about the present situation in Culebra and wondering if you can help.

1) As of today, 12/22/20, does the local and PR govt allow vacation travel to Culebra? To your knowledge..
2) Beyond that are there any local restrictions that would negatively affect travel plans to Culebra?
3) Are Flamenco and Zoni open for the public as normal?
4) Beyond official govt rules and regs, I have the impression that there is still a contingent of Culebrenses who actively attempt to intimidate would-be vacationers from making the trip, a la "Stay the F home" etc, of course based on pandemic concerns and Culebra hospital resources and such. I don't have any desire to debate that topic here (and won't), but my question at this time is simply: At this time do you expect the enjoyment of a potential vacation to Culebra to be meaningfully hampered by this contingent? (i.e affect my ability to purchase/access/enjoy the usual dimensions - housing, food, beaches, etc)
5)does it seem the beaches have recovered well from the 2017 hurricane damage? In 2018 it looked pretty rough still.
6) How is the crime & safety aspect these days? it seemed OK still in 2018 but I wondered if desperate times in 2020 has translated into issues in this aspect


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