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help please!!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: luis garcia (
Date:   06-23-17 21:04

me and my husband are traveling to puerto rico soon and we were thinking of staying in culebra but im having trouble finding a straight answer on how to get there from san juan int airport or luis marinz i think it might be call i know i have to go to fajero we were gonna rent a car does any one know of a number i can call over there to find out aabout ferry rides{prices,w/car prices,round trips and schedules} any inof or advice would be greatly appreciated this is his 1st time in a while since hes been home to puerto rico and my 1st so we need a little help

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Re: help please!!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tanya Worden (
Date:   06-24-17 07:53

We flew right from San Juan. It was nice not have to leave the airport. We got ours bags and had a beer while we waited. We booked it online

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Re: help please!!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Specialk (172.58.140.---)
Date:   06-26-17 10:05

You can take a taxi from SJU to Isla Grande. About 20 bucks. From there, you can fly to Culebra for around $70pp each way. You can also take a taxi or rental car to Fajardo and take the ferry or fly from Ceiba.

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