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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Cap'n Wacky (
Date:   06-08-15 05:10

does anyone know where to find this magical drink? no one's heard of it that I've asked.... are they just hiding their stash?

drive fast and take chances

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Re: pitorro?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael Risafi (
Date:   06-08-15 15:49

but they're in the South Bronx...
certain stores in NY carry it.

seriously though, last time I was on the mainland (2-3 years ago), I found "Ron Canita Curao" 86 proof marca "Alambique" at the PX at Fort Buchanan. Bought a few bottles back to the states with me.
Made in San Juan by Cia. Ron Alambique.
Wasn't as good as the pitorro that I have had on the island, but unfortunately, I haven't kept in touch with my past "pitorro connections".
Guess I need to reconnect with them when I relocate back to Culebra soon...

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Re: pitorro?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Leslie  (
Date:   12-26-15 23:33

It's nearly impossible to find pitorro/cañita in june. It's mostly available durinf the x-mas season. There are still people that make it all year around, but you have to be in the know-- and I doubt it is as good as those that have curated there's for several months. If you find it, and like it again, you may want to ask how it was "curao". The flavor and smoothness can vary tremendously.

Don't bother with commercial versions of cañita/pitorro. The best one aré made in small baches.

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