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Culebra International Hostel
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: beach2015 (
Date:   05-03-15 11:14

Nancy (who is in charge there), made me paid for all the nights I was staying in full, before I got there. She told me before, I only had to paid half. Saw how bad the place is, texted her to see if I can get some of my money back. She never responded and told me a week later, once she got back down there from NJ, that she took my text for someone else. When I had my name on the text. Tommy wasn't any help. He told me I had to contact Nancy and she was no help. She was not making things easy for me, before I even got there and wasn't letting me know she wasn't even on Culebra. Days after I had to pay for all the nights, did I finally get the receipt from her. Most hostels let you have a discount for staying a week, not this place. Had to pay $10.00 deposit for the key, not told on hostel's website. No receipt for it and Tommy asked me if I had to pay for it, when I was returning it. Locks on the doors don't work all that well. Bathrooms are very bad. That's why you don't see a photo of them. Not even an toilet paper holder. Kitchen was very dirty some mornings and made it impossible for me to eat there. Light didn't work in dorm room. Light wasn't working outside on one side of the building. Made it hard to see to go inside any room there at night. Stairs are not safe to be on. Price to stay there is too much for what you get. Stayed at better hostels for lot less price. With it being the only hostel on Culebra, they can charge what they want. They said they will take me to the airport. When Nancy's daughter saw me leaving, all she said was to have a safe trip home. No offer for the airport. When they knew how bad my feet were. They had to keep moving me to different dorms. Had me staying in 3, during my time there.

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