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Culebra advice
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Erin Twomey (
Date:   12-13-14 22:42

***Bring your own toilet paper***
We just went on Wed 12/10/14. Had pre-purchased ferry tix a month in advance. Walked right up to the window at 8a.m. and had no problems getting our tix. Also purchased tix for the trip back.

The ferry ride was smooth and did not get seasick at all (not sure how people have such a bad experience...I've had much worse on airplanes!)
One kiosk was open when we arrived, but it was before noon and mid-week, so that is expected. Rented an umbrella and 2 chairs. Was really disappointed by this, as we were about 2 ft from other families/couples on either side of us. Seems ridiculous for such a big beach that he couldn't space them out a bit further apart.
The island itself was beautiful, but due to some kind of system in the sea, the waves were large and forceful, that it made swimming impossible, and forget about snorkeling. I am not complaining, it was an absolutely glorious beach, but wish someone had told me it can get rough there during this time of year.

Again, the bathrooms as mentioned in earlier posts are minimal at best.
Zero t.p. and no soap/sanitizer.

When you get off the ferry, ALL kinds of people will be wanting to take you to beaches in their taxi. We got into a shuttle bus with Willy and couldn't have been happier! What a DEAL. $5pp round trip. You pay $5 each when you get to Flamenco Beach and he gives you a ticket. When you get back on the bus, give him your ticket and you are good to go!

Well worth the adventure to go there, but sure wish we could have experienced calm waters and snorkeling. Will try next time!

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Re: Culebra advice
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Brandon Storer (4.71.250.---)
Date:   12-30-14 16:30

Hello. The beach you went to is very nice! I have stayed on the island a few times. If one beach is rough, go to the other side of the island. I have noticed the other side can be very calm even though one side is very rough. Snorkeling in Culebra is great. The snorkeling at Flamenco Beach is not as good as the rest of the island.

Brandon S

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Re: Culebra advice
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   01-02-15 06:48

Erin, I am glad you had a good experience - especially with the pre purchased tickets!

Enjoy Culebra!


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Re: Culebra advice
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sue Dyle (199.190.170.---)
Date:   01-07-15 13:56

Snorkeling on Flamenco is not as good as the other 1/2 dozen beaches and if the sea is rough on the windward side there, you can go to one of the other beaches and usually do fine although timewise that might not have fit into a daytrip. This time of the year offshore storms are frequent and even a small storm far away can take the surf up so you never know. Next time, stay on the island and spend more time, you won't regret it! And yes, TP supply can at time be sketchy, so never hurts to have a little rolled up in your bag. The umbrella guy put you close to the other people so he doesn't have to walk so far to fetch them all at the end of the day :). Feel free to move it.... glad you enjoyed Culebra, we love it there.

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