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Culebra Dive Shop
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: michelle (
Date:   08-15-04 17:35

Not the same as Culebra Divers! My husband & I stayed for a week in May and went out two days with Culebra Dive Shop. I had not yet been certified, though my husband had. I took a resort course and my husband got in several dives that were fabulous! Jeff & Taz are soooooooo wonderful! Taz has got to be the most patient person on this earth to get me through that resort course. And it was a real resort course - he's very careful and very thorough. We're planning to go back in Feb '05 so I can get certified by Taz!
The owners Richard & Luz are really friendly and helpful. Everybody there made this an extremely enjoyable trip for us! I would recommend them to anyone who is not a flake and is serious about diving. We give them High marks across the board!

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Re: Culebra Dive Shop
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: kc (
Date:   08-15-04 19:26

I agree! We just returned from Culebra and we, too, went out with Taz from the Culebra Dive Shop. He was great!! We highly recommend snorkle/dive trips with this company. And, ask for Taz!!

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