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Tanama Glass Bottom Boat
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Eunie (
Date:   08-10-04 20:30

I was curious if anyone has experienced riding the Tanama Glass Bottom Boat that is listed under the Transport section?

I thought it would be a really cool experience to board this boat and go over to Culebrita for a couple hours.

Thanks in advance with any feedback!


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Re: Tanama Glass Bottom Boat
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   08-12-04 10:04

I have many pleasant memories of this boat. It used to be owned/captained by Lana, an awesome character that befriended me on my first visit to Culebra. She was tough talking, hard living and, underneath it all, possessed a heart of gold. My first trip on Tanama was a sunset cruise out to Luis Pena. She poured stiff rum and cokes, played salsa on her boombox and took turns dancing with my handicapped friend and me. It was the night I determined I would be returning to Culebra often.

Lana was found one morning on the boat, having passed away during the night. When I got the email, I cried.

Now the boat is in the capable hands of Capt. Pat, who had it in much better shape than I remember. Along with Capt. Jack, who pilots Muff the Magic Dive Boat, this couple runs one of the more colorful water-taxi businesses in Culebra. Both boats are fun. Which one you choose depends on whether you wish to view reefs from the boat, or hear salty tales about the Caribbean. Go for it!


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Re: Tanama Glass Bottom Boat
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: CB (216.107.228.---)
Date:   08-18-04 13:34

I agree that the Tanama Glass Bottom Boat ride is great. Pat took my boyfriend and I around the whole island of Culebra on an ecological tour. She pointed out interesting places and beaches and we happened to be lucky enough to see dolphins that day. She then let us dock near Culebrita for great snorkling. She is a rare gem as is her husband Jack. You just need to get to Happy Hour an Dinghy Dock which is where she docks the boat and sign up for a tour. It was very reasonable and we learned alot about the island this way including some of the history. I am planning my third trip back to Culebra with my girlfriends and our three sons. We will be talking to Pat about taking us out again!

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Re: Tanama Glass Bottom Boat
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Laurie (67.131.138.---)
Date:   11-15-04 11:13

Capt. Pat and Jack ROCKS!!!!

She taught us how to snorkle and had tons of info on the island. We cannot wait to go back in FeB! We will go out with them twice. Once was not enough. It was the best thing we did in Culebra. Glad that they are still around! Barbara Rosa's and Capt Pat (and Jack) are the best things in Culebra when not at the beach!

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Re: Tanama Glass Bottom Boat
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: laura (
Date:   11-18-04 13:31

sorry to hear about Lana. I went on a lovely trip with her my first time in Culebra 9 years ago. I smacked my ankle on a metal thing in the front of the boat and got a huge hematoma (spelling?). She wrapped it in ice and didn't make a fuss which made me much calmer (my friend was about to faint looking at my huge black foot!). I finished the trip snorkeling trip with one fin.

I guess if you're going to go (we all have to I guess) it's fitting that a captain go on her boat.

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