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Air Flamenco "Reservations"
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: chuck (
Date:   05-15-13 00:43

Hi, folks-

My daughter (21) and I are returning to Culebra on June 25 or so & camping at Flamenco after a few years' absence. We're planning on flying in directly from our arrival at San Juan Int'l, most likely following an overnight flight.

I see that Air Flamenco now has an online reservation system, and I wondered if anyone has recent experience with that system and with flying with them on their supposedly "scheduled" flights - if they really do depart as scheduled? I remember that there used to be something slightly funky about their business & its FAA charter, and that there was a bit of "pretend" going on about those flights - that their supposed departure times were really more of a suggestion, and depended on their having enough passengers, where "enough" was sometimes defined arbitrarily according to changing and secret algorithms. It always happened to work out more or less okay for us, but I seem to remember reading some horror stories.

Any help would be most appreciated, and as always, thank you!

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Re: Air Flamenco "Reservations"
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: chuck (
Date:   05-15-13 01:04

Wondering if Mort (Llamas-on-the-ferry), Debbie, Culebra MJ, Doug, etc, are still around & active in the forum & on the island?

PPS- Sometimes use my Culebra Indian name Is-there-any-shade.

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Re: Air Flamenco "Reservations"
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: beachbound (
Date:   05-15-13 18:40

Have used Air Flamenco's online booking for a trip this June and it worked great, even printed out an official ticket and everything! Just flew them in April (before their online booking) and they are completely reliable and reputable, you will even be asked to show ID and either turn off your cell or put it in airplane mode, much more official than you were used to from some years back. Left either on time or slightly early.

As to the whereabouts of the ones you asked about, I'm not sure if the authorities would let me tell you. They may have to answer themselves.


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Re: Air Flamenco "Reservations"
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   05-18-13 00:50

IIRC, MJ (if she ever existed in the first place) has retired and sold her cart to a new entrepreneur. I need to get back.

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