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Isla Contadora compared to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Matt TOSIELLO (
Date:   02-11-12 11:02


We are longtime Culebra visitors and are breaking our 5 yearlong spring break tradition of coming to Culebra for Semana Santa. (Note: I am in LOVE with Culebra and we're coming at Christmas this year for something new...I am already counting the days!)

So, for something different we have booked a trip to Panama for the first time. I know it seems misplaced asking a Panama question here but bear with me.

Has anyone been to Isla Contadora in Panama (in the Pearl Islands) that could offer a comparison to Culebra? I've been reading lots of reviews on Tripadvisor and can't seem to sort them out. The Tripadvisor reviews have some horror stories about some of the lodging but I can't tell if it is because the reviewers were just conventional tourists with unrealistic expectations.

My line of thinking is this... In my mind everything is compared to Culebra, which attracts a very specific type of traveler. I adore pretty much every aspect of Culebra, down to the quirks that would annoy most regular tourists (i.e. the lineup to get gas, island time, lizards on the walls etc)

If anyone has any experiences in Panama or Isla Contadora please let me know.

I know I can't find Culebra anywhere else in the world (nor do I want to) but if the service level on Isla Contadora is the same level as Culebra then I know things will be fine. Anything less may be roughing it too much.

Thanks for your consideration.


P.S. I can't help feel like i am cheating on Culebra and that the beaches will just not compare. In many ways Culebra has ruined what I used to think were nice beaches... sigh. I don't know if I can wait until Christmas! Best to all!

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