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Culebra to Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Lacey (
Date:   02-20-11 23:18

My husband and I just bought our tickets to Puerto Rico for May 16 - May 23rd. We want to spend a couple of days in Rincon, but would also love to visit both Culebra and Vieques while we are there. I had planned for us to fly from San Juan to Culebra, but I'm having issues figuring out how to get from Culebra to Vieques. I read that you can no longer reserve ferry tickets in advance and that priority is given to people who live on the islands. Those of you who are area experts--is the ferry to crazy to count on right now? Or could it still be an option for us? The only airline company I could find offering flights from Culebra to Vieques is Air Flamenco, and you have to charter the entire flight for $300. IF we could find someone to split a charter with us, we would love to do that, but I'm not sure that's realistic. Any other airline companies offer cheaper service between the islands?

Thanks in advance. We are really looking forward to our trip. Oh, and on a side note, what's the weather like in May? I read it's one of the rainiest months...should I be worried?

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Re: Culebra to Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: richard (
Date:   02-21-11 05:42

weather in May, 'bout the same is it any other month without a tropical storm, meaning fine, but a brief storm may whip up.

call (and keep calling the airlines, the multi-task load of the desk and gate crew have been remarked upon before) I've always been diverted for a quick stop for a load or un-load on Vieques - there is what is published and then there are other things. ask questions.

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Re: Culebra to Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: palmettoculebra (67.224.210.---)
Date:   02-21-11 17:38

Good evening,
You can still purchase ferry tickets in advance-we do it for our guests & mail them, however I doubt the success of this over the phone.

Priority has always been given to residents-this is not a new concept.

You can fly from one island to Ceiba & then to the other with VAL.

Palmetto Guesthouse, Culebra

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Re: Culebra to Vieques
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   02-22-11 09:18

As a practical matter, do you really want to burn 3 of your 7 days on travel?

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