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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: jaybird (
Date:   02-08-11 15:51

Is the Flamenco Beach campground open? No one answers when I call. Should I be worried about arriving the last week of February without a reservation?

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Re: Camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Date:   02-08-11 17:38

Yes. No.

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Re: Camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Cap'n Wacky (
Date:   02-10-11 19:41

Ditto. Its virtually impossible to reach the campgrounds by phone, but you shouldn't need a reservation at the time you're going.

drive fast and take chances

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Re: Camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Christine Fredenburgh (184.151.63.---)
Date:   02-13-11 22:46

I showed up at the end of the day when all the kiosks and office were closed. One kiosk owner just said to find a spot, pitch my tent and worry about it in the morning, which I did. It was no problem. Head down to Section E. I found that to be the best area. The grounds keepers do rounds pretty early in the morning and will see your tent. They may even leave a little note on your tent or table while you sleep, but won't disturb you. I don't think I even got there the first day...maybe the I couldn't seem to figure out the office hours. Just ask at one of the kiosks in the morning, then head over. Everyone there is super friendly and helpful. They also advised me to reserve only a few days at a time. This is in case of bad weather, if you change your mind, etc. Once you've paid for the whole stint, they can't give a refund, so best to do a few days at a time if going for a full holiday.

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