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Re: Two 21-yr olds visiting PR
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Darrin Dickerson (
Date:   01-18-11 23:14

We were there 2 years ago and leaving in 10 days to go back. The first trip we thought 2 days on each would be fine but once we hit the islands, we fell in love and cancelled the rest of our itinerary so we could spend more time on both.

My opinion, pick one. RT from Isle Grande for @ 150 each. Which to choose? Tough one.

Culebra...Probably my favorite. The beaches and snorkeling were amazing. There for 4 days and only saw half the beaches. Food was good. Enough variety you don't have to eat at the same place twice unless you want to. Mamacita's menu changed nightly and thats where we were staying so we ate there often. Plus, always plenty of friendly locals and tourists to hang out with. Sorry, but no matter what the age, there is to much to do to get bored. Great fun and memories!(like Chicka Dee!! Hope he is still around!! LOL)

Vieques...Hard to beat. The bio bay is one of the most amazing things you will ever see. I would repeat almost everything I said above. The only drawback was we didn't have transportation in Vieques because you have to reserve way in advance. So, we got to see basically Esperanza and the surrounding beaches and a taxi to MP. Still filled four days with great memories (like the crazy lady that got us lost on the way to the airport.

Flip a coin...You'll LOVE either...Just don't waste the precious time on the Ferry!

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