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Two 21-yr olds visiting PR
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Gordon (
Date:   01-18-11 14:44

Hi -

New poster here grateful for the wealth of knowledge on this forum. I am travelling to PR with my girlfriend at the end of January for 6 nights (flying in and out of San Juan).

We will have 4 nights which we hope to spend on Culebra and/or Vieques. We are hoping to see beautiful scenery in a romantic setting but can't decide if we have enough time to visit both islands (potentially for 2 nights each?). We would be willing to spend $75 each round trip to travel between the islands, but it seems like the only options are prohibitively expensive (chartering a plane 600 rt for 2-8 people) or prohibitively long and stressful (taking 2 subsequent ferries to fajardo).

Culebra sounds amazing but while we dont need a crazy nightlife, we wonder if the lack of restaurants and night activities would make 4 nights perhaps too long. On the other hand, Vieques seems like it has more going on because its a bigger island (perhaps better for our age), but we dont want to come so close to Culebra and not visit! I emphasize that we are not looking for a "spring break" location of course, just that I wonder if culebra would be a bit boring in the evenings (we'll be on a sleep schedule of waking around 8am, but going to bed at midnight!)

Finally--been taken aback by what seems like an anti-Vieques campaign ( Cant understand the motivation behind the website but still taken aback at the numerous horror stories.

Any advice would be much appreciated, especially if my impressions of each island and the feasibility of visiting both over 4 days are inaccurate!

All best and thanks so much!

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