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Rental car insurance
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: finallyahoneymoon (
Date:   04-27-08 10:27

We are planning on renting a car but I was wondering about insurance. Will our regular insurance cover (as it does when we rent cars in the states) or will we need to buy the additional coverage. (that i am assuming the rental places offer.) If so - how much is it? Worth it or not? Any advice would be great!

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Re: rental car insurance
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   04-27-08 16:23

I would suggest that on something like this, you ask your insurance company.

As for it being worth buying insurance from the rental agency, the answer is an unqualified no... unless of course you get in an accident! Heh heh.

There aren't many auto thefts in Culebra, naturally, so not much to worry about there. Nor is there much crime in general. And as for auto accidents, you'll be driving very few miles, and never at a high rate of speed. So, you're far less likely to get in an accident in Culebra than in, say, Miami. But it could happen.

Personally, I wouldn't buy it, but that's just me.

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Re: rental car insurance
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   04-28-08 00:40

I have never bought it and always check with my agent before I go and make sure I have my proof of insurance with me when I travel. Also, I know if you place your rental care on American Express, they will cover you, as well. I was in a minor fender bender once in a rental car in Lawrence KS, and American Express covered that.

Vicki in Tennessee

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Re: rental car insurance
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   04-28-08 10:15

Hola! Check what auto coverage you have with VISA or any other major credit card. As Vicki mentioned, sometimes your credit card will offer additional auto coverage that your personal auto insurance doesn't cover. Also check if the coverage will apply to Puerto Rico. Even though PR is a US territory, the policies will not cover because it is not located within the Continental US. We have Citibank Visa and some years ago, the airbags were stolen from our rental car in PR. Who knew they were a hot ticket item in the PR Black Market at that time! Long story short, and $1500 later, our VISA picked up the tab in full. We didn't have to deal with anything, they handled it all. Although, in Culebra the crime rate is very low, it pays to do your homework before leaving for vacation for peace of mind. Happy travels! J


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Re: rental car insurance
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Herb (
Date:   04-29-08 21:49

All of the advice above is good.....I would one of Dick's can't really dent them any worse than they are and with all of the extra steel he has in them, they can't get hurt! Remember, the speed limit is "medium".


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