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Staying at Culebra Beach Villas 2/20-2/22
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: vanessa arroyo (
Date:   01-29-08 08:49

hello all,
my husband has family in ponce and are staying w them the week of 2/17. we are going to culebra for 2 nights, we are taking his great grandmother, who is 96 and never been to culebra. we are staying at CBV. we rented the beachfront villa #3, 2 BR. we are renting a car in ponce when we land but i saw that most rental places dont allow u to take the rental on the ferry. we are looking to just lay low, do we really need a rental in culebra? we will be cooking our own meals. how much are taxis to town for the supermarket? any suggestions on great snorkel areas?
thank you so much.

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Re: Staying at Culebra Beach Villas 2/20-2/22
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael Nickerson (
Date:   01-29-08 09:37

Hey Vanessa,
For that length of time a car won't be necessary. The publico to and from Flamenco Beach is $2/person. The 3 main shopping places are right in town, Milka, El Eden, and Maya. As for snorkel areas, a 20 min. hike to Carlos Rosario Beach, from the back corner of the parking lot at Flamenco, go thru the chain link fence and follow the path. Enter to the right side of the beach and swim out past the floating milk bottle marker and turn right. The other places are a little bit further with no car, but melones just outside of town is great, as is Tamarindo. Ask around, all the locals have favorite spots.

Have a great time, and don't tell anyone where you went, we're trying to keep it secret!

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