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Fajardo lodging??
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: David Zuhse (
Date:   12-06-07 11:10

Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone has advice for a place to stay in Fajardo while waiting for the ferry? We arrive in San Juan at 7pm and were planning to get a ride to Fajardo that night. All I can seem to find online is far too nice and expensive for someone who only wants a place to crash for a few hours. Any help would be appreciated----looking forward to our visit!

By the way, is there any reason the campground would be crowded the week after the new year??

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Re: Fajardo lodging??
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Kristy Forbear (
Date:   12-06-07 16:24

We just returned from Puerto Rico and we stayed at the Passion Fruit Bed and Breakfast for two nights before heading over to Culebra. I would highly recommend the Passion Fruit in Fajardo. The manager Gladys is great and the breakfast is very good!!! The website is Enjoy your trip to Puerto Rico!!!

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Re: Fajardo lodging??
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jackie Pendergast (
Date:   12-07-07 05:33

Passion Fruit is first choice - you will need a car and about $8x.

Within walking distance are Porta Real Guesthouse 787-863-0018 and the Express 787-863-1362 I do NOT recommed these, however they might be what you are looking for. On the days, before the 7:00 pm ferry when we missed the 3:00pm we had few other choices. Clean sheets, nearby and cheap - perhaps $5x. Now if you want a view...:) Jackie

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Re: Fajardo lodging??
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   12-07-07 09:26

We're staying at Fajardo Inn, which they tell me is in walking distance from the ferry (a 10-15 minute walk). For us it turned out to be the cheapest way to go because they have a Triple Room that can fit all 6 of us.

As for the week after New Year, I believe there is a holiday that does attract people. (Is it something like Three Saints Day?) I don't know the exact timing for 2008.

We're arriving on Jan 9, and I believe it's over by then. Does anyone know more details?

Other than that, January is a great time to stay at the campground. It's probably one of the least crowded times of the year.

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Re: Fajardo lodging??
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   12-07-07 18:25

Three Kings Day. It is on the 6th (always), and is a great time to be there. The Three Kings bring the children presents at the ferry dock, and there is a horse parade throughout the town area and up into the neighborhoods close to town.

Happy Diving!

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