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 1. Re: staying in town vs the beaches JeffandMary    08-09-12 11:33
We stayed at Tamarindo Estates. Clean, quiet, very private, yet conveniently located between Flemenco beach and town. We loved it. And a jeep from Jerry's will be needed if you want to get to the more

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 2. Re: First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners JeffandMary    07-30-12 12:06
Wow! I wish I had seen this sooner. I'm actually printing it. We just got back from our first week-long trip about a month ago. Sounds like it's more crowded in April. We saw Villa Flemenco while we w

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 3. Re: Beaches and sunrise / sunset JeffandMary    05-31-12 00:26
Hello, we will be staying at the Tamarindo Estates. I have read that sunsets are very nice from Tamarindo beach and Carlos Rosario beach. And of course we plan to see a sunrise at Zoni. Can't wait!

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 4. Zoni Estate Rental Alan Majka    02-25-11 09:43
Our party of 6 rented a very private house on 25 acres with spectacular views across the infinity pool and pristine Zoni Beach off to Cayo Norte, Culubrita, St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands. The esta

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 5. Re: Hotels / Resorts on island Jeannie G3    08-27-09 14:18
Hola! I would suggest looking through the SHELTER part of this website. It will give you good descriptions and pictures of some of the lodgings in Culebra as well as their websites. I don't know what

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 6. Casita La Perlita Rob Breeden    05-04-09 15:52
Hi Everyone.....well, it is about time I returned to Culebra....I didn't make it last year and I was highly disappointed. This year however, I plan to be there in November. I will have my Volkswagon

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 7. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? Sphinx    02-28-08 12:03
Some friends stayed there a couple of years ago while we were also on the island. Perhaps it was just the time we were there, but it was VERY windy in that location. So windy, we were chased inside at

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 8. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? KMJ    02-22-08 11:26
Look into Culebra Island Realty, they rent lots of different houses, i'm sure one of them would fit your needs. Jim is great to work with.

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 9. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? richard    02-22-08 02:21
some friends stayed there once while I was on island and I tried to "drop in" and had trouble finding it - wandered into someone else's place first (luckily they were also out, but I still felt creepy

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 10. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? jojo fernandez    02-22-08 00:52
thank you richard

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 11. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? richard    02-22-08 00:37
other side of the island Villa Melones and its adjoining apt. has a fantastic deck, dip pool and killer sunsets (but no beach).

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 12. Zoni Beach estate?? jojo fernandez    02-22-08 00:31
Cant really get a good picture of what Zoni Beach estate looks like from the website. Does anyone have a review or can anyone recommend another place. Looking for a really nice villa that can fit 6 pe

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 13. Re: vacation rental Robert    07-27-07 11:39
Ola!! I have stayed at Zoni Beach least thats what it was called when we rented it. Its awesome cool....has a swimming pool!! It overlooks Zoni Beach and you can see St. Tho

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 14. Re: Techno Culebra Frank    03-16-06 10:55
We had friends that rented Zoni Beach Estates house in February and could not get a wireless signal ... Frank

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 15. Re: My Version of a stay in Culebra scot marechaux    02-04-06 20:33
Hi my thoughts on the ferry and big island rental. if i rememember correct Most rental agencies in SJ void insuranse if you take it to culebra. Getting on the ferry is first come

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 16. Re: Zoni Beach Estate pmoore    10-09-05 11:58
Greatest view in the Carribean that can be rented on Culebra, beautiful sweep of the Ocean, islands in the distance and a gentle walk to Zoni Beach, the best beach on the island. Great breeze, very q

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 17. Zoni Beach Estate Scott    09-02-05 11:58
I have been researching Zoni Beach Estate and have found that is quite expensive, but also amazing. Has anyone stayed here are seen it in person? I am trying to figure out if it is worth the money, th

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 18. Re: "Resorts" Susan Morris    09-02-05 11:34
Scott, Vacation planners switched all their properties over to the following website, so it has a little bit more info: "Search"

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 19. Re: "Resorts" Susan Morris    09-01-05 09:40
Scott, If you are looking for more privacy for your honeymoon, I would definitely recommend renting a private house also. We did that through Mike at Vacation Planners the first 2/3 of o

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 20. Trip Report Joel Maners    06-13-05 15:03
I prepared this trip report for It's not up yet but I thought you guys might like to read it. Enjoy. Joel _________________

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 21. Re: Getting to Culebra from San Juan Buzz    02-11-05 21:19
We went to Culebra in October 2004. At that time we were able to catch a flight from San Juan International (Marin) Airport. It went to Vieques first, dropped off a few folks, then took my wife and I

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 22. Re: Tamarindo Estates Pietra    08-04-04 09:27
Kit-- it doesn't strike me as odd at all. Almost all of the hotels in Culebra are run by families and they do all the shopping, cleaning, etc and have their own lives so they may not be at home alway

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 23. Recent trip to Culebra william novak    07-30-03 11:03
We just returned from a very enjoyable trip to Culebra. We stayed at Tamarindo Estates. Although Tamarindo is not fancy, the location and views are beautiful. We found the accommodation

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