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 1. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 2. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 3. Re: Save What's Left! Debbie    05-01-11 18:30
English Translation: ACDEC, Defend Culebra To: Honorable Abraham Peña Nieves, Mayor and President of the Board of Directors of the Conservation and Development Authority of

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 4. Culebra Scuba Diving Trip Report with Photos alashas    06-04-09 20:53
We had a great time scuba diving with Capt. Walter Rieder of when we visited Culebra in Jan. I have previously posted comments in general about

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 5. Re: Safest Areas to Swim? Herb    09-18-08 13:36
I snorkeled the beach in front of the camp ground and it was unremarkable. I had little problems with currents, etc. The best snorkeling is over the hill at Carlos Rosario and we did not encounter a

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 6. Re: Accomodation on beach Doug    05-30-08 15:02
In its wisdom, Culebra has only had a minimal amount of actual "on the beach" lodging built. The two beaches with lodging are Tamarindo and Flamenco. Tamarindo Beach Cottages on the former and Culeb

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 7. Re: Layover in San Juan Doug    01-15-07 14:30
It's worth noting that the airfare is quite a bit higher out of SJU than Isla Grande (Luis Ribas). There a several budget priced hotels in Isla Verde, the Condado and Old San Juan worth looking into

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 8. Re: Advice for amateurs debby    06-22-06 16:40
My husband and I just returned from Culebra; had a wonderful time. We stayed at Villa Boheme; it was very clean and nice- would definitely stay there again.(we had room #11, but our friends stayed in

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 9. Wonderful Culebra Martin Zell    04-14-06 22:16
My girlfriend and I spent the first week in April in Culebra and because this forum was so helpful prior to our going, I feel an obligation to post our experiences. I could go on and on so i'll just

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 10. Re: Culebra lodging Gary Eichelberger    02-24-06 18:14
few choicnes "on" the beach. Some rooms at Flamenco. Have not stayed there. check websites for two locations: Tamarindo Estates, very clsoe to tamarindo beach - mostly shell , little sand - but great

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 11. Re: Places to Stay Jean K. Rosselit    01-23-06 10:33
I guess Tamarindo depends on what you are looking for. It is a long walk to the beach, and beach is rock and coral so maybe not to great for kids. Cottages are nice, with a great view as they are up

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 12. Detrimental development practices Doug    01-13-06 15:39
Mary Ann Lucking, one of Culebra's hardworking environmental preservationist leaders, asked me to post the following. She will post a follow up when time permits. I realize that this forum targets th

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 13. Culebra was good, Vieques was GREAT! Nicole    06-20-05 12:43
Just wanted to tell you all about my experiences in PR. The first day we flew into San Juan and rented a car from L&M and drove through the rain forest "El Yunque". It was amazing! We stayed at

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 14. Re: Getting Married on Culebra ron jones    01-04-05 15:41
Erin, Congrats on your wedding. My wife and I have been going to culebra for four years now and if it was me doing it I would strongly consider renting a house which gives you privacy, not th

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 15. Re: culebra beach villas or villa flamenco beach? Les Beddoes    08-18-04 21:18
Hello from Texas.....I just had a remarkable stay of 3 nights at Villa Flamenco. The owners brother was on property during my stay. He was an excellent host, drove us to get liquor one night at 11:00

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 16. Re: Donde es bueno quedarse? Maria T. Boyer    06-19-03 13:07
Lizzette: yo tambien voy para culebrar pero el 30 de julio y somos un grupo de 12. y tuve mucha dificultad en encontrar un lugar. por fin nos vamos a quedar en Culebra Ocean View. Nosotros que

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