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 1. Re: Debbie Debbie    08-02-11 18:02
Yo comprendo just fine. Hubby does paid gigs in Atlanta, and I'm sure he could be talked into getting himself to Culebra next May if there was a paying gig there. You might also talk t

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 2. Re: possibly moving to Culebra minerva figueroa    02-22-11 14:34
Hi Ms. Malik, Thank you for your message. I am including a link to the website. Let me know if you still think it is appropriate for your goals. My property is not in the hotel's rental p

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 3. Re: Long Term Rental minerva figueroa    02-22-11 14:18
Hi Ms. Malik, Thank you for your message. I am including a link to the website. Let me know if you still think it is appropriate for your goals. My property is not in the hotel's rental p

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 4. Re: Room inquiry doesn't work - code.gif isn't visible Debbie    01-30-11 09:19
Hi - I have heard the same thing from one of the owners on Culebra. She hasn't gotten e-mail from this forum since December. Why don't you let us know which ones you are trying to get in touch with

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 5. Re: Affordable price. cw    05-25-10 12:45
call vacation planners: 787-742-3112, toll free 1-866-CULEBRA They will be able to find what you need.

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 6. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra cw    02-10-10 18:59
I suggest you call Vacation Planners at 787 742 3112 and tell them what you are looking for accomodation wise. They have a couple of places under 100 that are decent places. I've seen them. If you

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 7. Re: Looking for a place to rent for large group of people Debbie    09-28-09 18:33
You may get all kinds of opinions here; best to call one of the rental agencies directly with your numbers and dates (especially if it's President's Day Week in February - very popular vacation week o

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 8. Re: Help on getting married Debbie    04-28-09 14:08
Try They are located on Culebra and will be very helpful.

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 9. Re: 4 person house April 1-5? Nicole & Cam    01-31-09 22:25 Search and see what they have. Many listings in various price ranges. And no matter where you stay you a just a 10 min walk from the water. :)

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 10. Re: Is it in Culebra ? Nicole & Cam    01-31-09 22:23
We always book with them and we get a good price and meet great people. give them a try. They have all kinds of rentals. You could even try craigslist, I found

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 11. Re: What hotel for snorkeling? Arroz    07-16-08 20:49
There are no hotels on the Melones side of town. You could check the Vacation Planner's website to see what they have available near Melones which might be suitable.

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 12. Re: Boston Globe Article Michael    05-19-07 12:01
Or go to, saves you step 1,2 and 3 :)

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 13. Re: where to stay with a family Debbie    04-04-07 20:32
We have always rented from Jim, so I didn't even think about Vacation Planners! I find their website a little hard to navigate - here's the link to the search for Culebra:

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 14. Re: Last Minute Trip? JM    12-31-06 12:58
Call Vacation Planners (787)742-3112. They'll tell you if anything's available.

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 15. Re: "Resorts" Susan Morris    08-30-05 15:31
I believe Bahia Marina is between maybe $150-$175/nt, depending on season. We booked it through, but I think they have switched all their bookings to allvacationreservatio

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 16. Re: Bajacu house Jean K. Rosselit    05-11-05 21:09
Hi, I ran across a property called Villa Pietrres on this web site from Culebra vation planners that looks just like the Bajacu houne on the Brava Narural site. I think it might be the same p

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 17. Re: Bahia Marina Resort JM    02-22-05 06:54
Try or give them a call for info.

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 18. Re: Looking for a Job in Culebra kingpin    08-18-04 20:45
First off, are you SURE you want to live & work on Culebra? Not sure how long you were down there, but living can be a VERY small island. Everyone will know everything about you (a

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 19. Re: Place to stay on Beach (family of 5) Yayma    05-15-04 01:13
Last summer I stayed in Culebra with a LOT of small kids (to be exact, a new born, two 3 year olds, 7, 11, 13, 17) is big..we found a house that accomodates up to 12 people, through vacationp

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