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 1. Re: staying in Fajardo after Culebra Michael    02-17-15 02:29
I would advise against staying in Fajardo. I would stay in Luquillo - great beach and super close to El Yunque. You could even take a taxi, hike around adn then have him pick you up again after some h

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 2. Re: a week in November Jeannie G3    09-05-08 17:07
Hola! That's a great week, just before the holidays kick in and start. It will be all about logistics and how well you plan it out but, one week is doable. Although, you might want to put your energy

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 3. Culebra Trip Report Kind of Long! Robert Carr    02-26-07 10:33
After 25+ trips to the BVI and USVI since 1981 we decided to spend some time in San Juan and Culebra this go around. Participants on this adventure included my wife Julie our 10 month old son Jacob

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 4. Re: for the ones interested in Taxi to Fajardo Becky B    01-06-07 14:47
Zoraida, I thought I should post this query to you, as you seem to be very "help oriented". I am travelling with a friend to Puerto Rico on the 17th of January, we are

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 5. A Wonderful Trip Lolly    03-02-06 17:35
We just got back...tanned...relaxed and missing Culebra already! It was one of the best trips we've ever taken...we are thinking of bringing the kids next time! We flew over from San Ju

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 6. Re: Car rental near Fajardo ferry? upflore1    02-20-05 10:58
Hi, Thanks for all your input. By the way, if you get the chance to find out what car rental agency that is, please post it. I'm planning on stopping off at different kioskos for a tast

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