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 31. Re: fishing in early october Michael    08-20-07 10:32
And of course Chris' site:

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 32. Looking for fishing buddy to share cost twan    07-12-07 17:29
Hello, I am going to Culebra for a week from 11/22 to 11/29 and interested in doing some fishing. Looking at and the rate is for maximum of 2. Since I will be the on

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 33. Re: Fishing vs Scuba diving MJ    03-06-07 13:12
I would recommend Chris Goldmark. He finds the fish and is a lot of fun as well. He's pretty busy, so it would be good to get in touch with him before you get here! His web site:

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 34. Fishing in Culebra Michael    06-28-06 12:45
Chris Goldmark has a new website, Culebra Fly we hope you like it!

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 35. Re: Fishing MJ Stark    06-01-06 01:14
"Relatively unknown is the excellent saltwater fishing for bone fish, permit and fly fishing for Macao. The best place for these sports is off the small Island of Culebra. Culebra itself is a great pl

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 36. Re: fly selection for b-fish/permit/tarpon Debbie    03-04-06 12:26
I know nothing about fishing, but I know there is an expert on Culebra. Contact Chris Goldmark. Chris sells fishing "stuff" in the local stores, but I don't know if they are what you are looking for

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 37. fly selection for b-fish/permit/tarpon Sean Rankin    03-04-06 12:05
Hey there kids, Thanks for all the help so far. This board is THE resource for Culebra, and you guys have come through!!! One more question. Any suggestions for fly patterns

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 38. camping check-in / bonefishing question Sean Rankin    02-23-06 12:00
Quick question. A buddy and I are going to be in P.R. for 9 days (3/9 - 3/18) and want to do a little beach camping in Culebra. We will not be able to get reach the island until after 7pm on the 9th.

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 39. Re: Fishing from the beach Doug    01-20-06 17:17
I've never caught a fish in Culebra, only scoped them snorkling. A couple of basics to remember: almost the entire west coast, along with several of the outlying cayos, or keys, are protected reserves

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 40. New Years visit (long winded) Doug    01-10-06 12:31
OK, Culebra fans! By popular demand, here is my trip report. We had a group of five guys, all of us friends since high school (class of NO WAY I'M TELLIN'). We flew into San Juan on US A

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 41. Re: Fly or Spinning Fishing J.P.    11-02-05 16:53
Call Chris Goldmark, he specializes in fly fishing and is a great guide. I was fortunate enough to fish with Chris and a friend who lives on Culebra last New year's Eve and caught a tarpon on spinning

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 42. Fishing around Culebra Thomas    03-22-05 14:21
Hi, I am going to be in Puerto Rico the first week of April and am hoping to spend a couple of days on Culebra kayaking and fishing. I am mainly interested in fly fishing beaches and fl

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 43. Re: flats fishing culebra boat rental    01-24-05 05:55
Peter, To answer your basic question; yes, it is worth pursuing a fly fishing visit to Culebra. Culebra has good fishing. The popular sport fish include snook, snapper, kingf

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 44. Culebra flats fishing Peter Patricelli    01-23-05 17:11
Anyone crae to share any general details about flats fishing on Culebra. I have name and email of one guide (seasonal). But would like another perspective. Are there wadeable flats (and flats specie

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 45. Re: fishing in culebra island Admin    05-18-04 23:34
what kind of fishing are you thinking about? what kind of inflatable? one that is susceptible to hooks ..? no seriously, fly fishing, bait, spear ... all is legal in PR - no license req

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 46. Re: Fishing Admin    09-30-03 12:48
fly fishing, deep sea fishing, spear fishing, .... Culebra has all the options :) I suggest you contact Chris - goto the todo/fishing section in theses pages - he will be mor

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 47. Bonefishing in Culebra Clark Williams    04-08-03 15:37
I am currently in the process of moving to San Juan from the Florida Keys.I love to target Bonefish and Tarpon on fly. I was wondering if any had any information on Bonefishing in Culebra.

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