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 1. Re: Map of Dewey alashas    06-06-09 12:14
In addition to the helpful maps linked by Michael, as well as the maps you will find all over town, here is an interesting satellite map of Dewey:

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 2. Re: Casa Blanca #6 Mango Tree cw    01-16-09 16:38
Hi Wes, I have stayed there. Check out the website. It's the perfect upgrade from camping. Small, clean, great location, and the price is righ

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 3. Casa Blanca #6 Mango Tree Wes    01-16-09 14:53
Hi all, This will be my second trip to Culebra! I camped at Flamenco Beach 2 years ago, but this time we are upgrading to something a little nicer. Has anyone stayed at Casa Blanca Condo

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 4. Rare Housing Opportunity in Culebra Manager    07-31-08 21:30
Long-term housing in Culebra is extremely limited; if you would like to move to Culebra because you just retired or because you would like to change your lifestyle, this is the opportunity you have be

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 5. Re: Long-term Rental Vicki moore    04-19-08 22:32
Here is the info I found on Casablanco Condo. Apartment 2, State Rd No. 250 Kilo 1.0, Flamenco Ward Culebra, PR 00775, USA Tel: 609-646-4881 Email: casablancacondo6@hotmai

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 6. Re: Long-term Rental Vicki moore    04-19-08 22:22
I think there may be a monthly rental at Casablanca Condo, but I am not sure. Do a search and check it out. You should be able to find something. Good Luck

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 7. Apartment for Rent -$599 Manager    04-02-08 17:13
If you are planning to move to Culebra or live here and would like to move to a different location, we have a furnished apartment available for rent. It is a cozy one-bedroom/one bathroom apartment w

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 8. Re: scooters? bosie    11-26-07 10:52 Check it out. The first listing is all the emergency numbers in Culebra.

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 9. Re: Moving to Culebra    04-19-07 13:46
Hi, Matty. I have my apartment for sale if you are interested in buying instead of renting. Please visit John my e

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 10. Culebra Trip Report Kind of Long! Robert Carr    02-26-07 10:33
After 25+ trips to the BVI and USVI since 1981 we decided to spend some time in San Juan and Culebra this go around. Participants on this adventure included my wife Julie our 10 month old son Jacob

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 11. Re: Casablanca Condo Doug    11-17-06 10:45
Put the cat in a tae kwan doh class immediately. Doug

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 12. Re: Casablanca Condo Debbie    11-16-06 17:43
Hee Hee - I would have liked to have seen that. We're taking our cat this winter, and Lewis is determined that the cat will be able to keep the roosters away. Yeah, right. . .

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 13. Re: Casablanca Condo Doug    11-16-06 11:59
I brought some buddies with me last New Years. One of them used to be a baseball pitcher, and tried unsuccessfully to turn off our organic alarm clock with a coconut curveball. Lucky for the rooster

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 14. Re: Casablanca Condo Michael    11-16-06 06:47
what do you want - they only start at 4 AM ;)

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 15. Re: Casablanca Condo Doug    11-14-06 18:12
Hey, Bob... Where on Culebra is it rooster-free ;-). Doug

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 16. Re: Casablanca Condo Bob    11-14-06 15:20
Stayed there Feb 05, Nice place, parking, pretty easy access to the rest of the island. Bring ear plugs there is a very, very loud rooster in the area. Bob

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 17. Re: Casablanca Condo Sue Smith    11-07-06 12:06
I haven't stayed at Casablanca Condo, but at one in the same building. That one is called Turtles Nest. The whole building was very clean! Nice landscaping and centrally located, although we had a

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 18. Casablanca Condo Kathryn Cox    11-01-06 12:22
Has anyone stayed here or know anything about it. Any comments would be greatly appreicated, THANKS!!!!

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 19. Re: Looking for a long term rental or lease Debbie    07-24-06 19:59
A couple of posts down entitled "retire in Culebra" or something like that, there's a long term rental. Nice location; n

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 20. Retire in Culebra ...    07-23-06 11:25
Are you looking to retire in a quiet, safe and tranquil place in the Caribbean, but would like to continue your active life? If you like to boat, fish, dive, hike, walk on the beach or go bird watchin

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 21. Re: Time in SJU, Culebra, Vieques vacation island girl    05-30-06 22:13
hi wega...... let's start with the sites of ols San Juan there is much to and lots to see. there are 4 main sections 1. plaza San Jose offers el morro fort Pablo Casals museum

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 22. Just back from Culebra! Jen    03-07-06 14:12
[WARNING: Long post ahead!] We just returned to NYC after 4 wonderful days on Culebra. After a couple days in San Juan, we flew Air Flamenco from Isla Grande ($50/person), great views fro

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 23. Re: Accommodations    02-09-06 14:12
Christian, take a look at our property at We also respect the privacy of our guests. John P.S. To see a virtual tour of our apar

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 24. Re: Culebra's Highest Point Admin    02-07-06 20:25
That is indeed a very good question! John has a survey map on his website, I would have looked myself, but it cr

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 25. Re: Places to Stay Terry and Wade    01-21-06 09:12
Hello John and Susan, Casablanca 6 and Turtles Nest (#3) are two different places. We are the owners of Turtles Nest (#3), They are both part of the same 8 u

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 26. Re: Places to Stay Susan Morris    01-20-06 23:25
I am pretty sure you can book Melones and Casablanca (Turtles Nest?) through Culebra Vacation Planners. Their web site is and put Culebra in City, then click on Cule

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 27. Places to Stay John TO    01-20-06 21:11
Hello, I am wondering if anyone has information about the following places to stay: Melones Beach House, Casablanca 6 Condo, and the Tamarindo Estates. We (two people) are not looking a

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 28. Re: vacation planning advice? serafinapup    01-18-06 11:22
OK...I think I've narrowed it down to three places, of which one is VB. Would you have any comments on the other two? Villa Boheme Turtle's Nest (aka: Casablanca Condo #3) Vi

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 29. Re: Kayaking    01-04-06 09:19
Hi, Catherine. We offer our kayak (two-person kayak), at no extra cost , to guests staying in our apartment (#2) while vacationing in Culebra. If you are interested in staying with us, please visit o

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 30. Re: In Search of two nights in culebra    01-03-06 13:25
Priscilla, we have two apartments available in Culebra that we rent on a short-term basis. Please visit our sites at for information and online booking and at http://ww

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