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Re: groceries
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: shawke (
Date:   12-27-06 20:30

Wine and groceries are no problem in Culebra. El Eden is a great deli with a large wine selection. There is a grocery store in Dewey on the main road before you go over the canal bridge, which takes you to El Eden
, Milka and the gas dock. The store carries all your staples and not much more expensive than stateside. We have never spent $50 for a meal on Culebra and have always had great food. Try Mammacitas. Portions are large enough you can get an appetizer, drinks and split a meal and spend less than $30. And the food is outstanding!! Our usual routine is cook breakfast at the house, go to El Eden for wine and deli meat, cheese, bread for lunch at the beach and eat out for dinner. The only thing you may find hard to get is gasoline. So if you rent a car fill-up the first day.
You are going to love Culebra!!!

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