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The current weather in Culebra

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Re: weather - rain?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Yoko (
Date:   11-06-06 23:26

When I was there (Oct 26-Oct 30), Culebra was sprayed with insecticides, so it was okay. I am not sure if Culebrita will be sprayed ever. We used a lot of repellant. But there are so many mosquitoes in Culebrita and we ended up eating our lunch in the water. (Still, mosquitoes come up over our heads and once in a while, we need to put our heads into the water. We were forced to stay in the water more than 3 hours until water taxi picked us up. Our shoulders were burned up completely.) When the water taxi arrived, he came early and brought his family to enjoy swimming. But they even could not stay there for 5 min. I did not know mosquitoes would attack them even though they did not got to the sand or under the trees. The mosquitoes even followed us for a while even after we left there with motor boat.
I saw other motor boats leaving the island with hi-speed like us. I am just glad I did not get any disease from those mosquitoes. For isolated island like Culebrita, there is no spray (I believe). So only trade winds will get rid of mosquitoes from Culebrita. If I am wrong, let me know.

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