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Re: airlines for culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Dante (207.203.88.---)
Date:   11-06-06 11:15


If you are flying from Culebra to San Juan via Air Flamenco , be prepared to flexible in your travel plans. We booked and paid air from from Culebra to San Juan, however, when we checked in to fly, we were told they would take into Isla Grande and drive us to San Juan. Okay, no problem, we understand things change. How about a refund for the difference we paid for going to San Juan. Not happening at Air Flamenco. Therefore I would suggest just flying into Isla Grande and pay the lower fare and just take a $12.50 taxi to San Juan. Just my experience, it wasn't unpleasant just a little annoying that I paid for a flight to San Juan and got a flight to Isla Grande instead. Air Flamenco personnel were nice and everyone was friendly and I would use them agian but just fly into Isla Grande instead.

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