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Aquatic Adventure Advisory
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: vince (
Date:   10-10-06 17:04

I had the unfortunate experiance with Taz, I would not recomend him not even to the most experienced diver. Taz was the divemaster on board when Culebra Dive Shop lost a female diver, never to be found again. I believe it is the responsibility of the divemaster of making sure the boat does not leave the dive sight without makeing sure that all divers are accounted for. Further, after the accident Culebra Dive Shop was forced to close, I believe the case is still pending in court.

After Culebra Dive Shop closed Taz went to work for Culebra Divers (WALTER RIEDER and MIGUEL are excellent) Taz had put 12 lbs of lead on a small boy (I am 170 lbs and dive with 12 lbs.) Miguel removed the wieghts from the small boy only to have Taz replace the weights behind Miguels back. The boy jumped in and his bc did not have enough lift and started to sink. Miguel had to Jump in and save the boy. Needles to say Walter fired Taz. I wonder if Taz even has insurance does anyone know?

Another Time I wanted to go diving with Culebra Divers but there boat was all full. So I had to go out with Taz, to make a long story short I had air left in the tank and the other dive master told me to go ahead and stay near the boat and use up your air. Unknown to me there were a few girls that hd to catch the ferry, when I surfaced Taz said to me "Come on @!#$ lets get going" I thougt the hell with you where is coustomer service.

I have Family that live on Culebra and if you have been there you know how small the island is, everyone that lives there knows each other. My Cousin informed me that Taz is not liked on the island.

Take it for what it is worth, but if you want to dive again I would not go with Taz.

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