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Aquatic Adventures
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Amy Sanders (
Date:   08-23-06 17:06

To all those traveling to this lovely place...

It is a *must* to venture into the waters - snorkeling, diving, traveling to one of the nearby islands - Culebrita...Luis Pena Island...Lana's Cove. Two of my friends and I just got back from a visit and had an *excellent* guide - Taz Hamrick with Aquatic Adventures (787-2093494/787742-0605). This was my second time having Taz as a guide - the first being 4 yrs ago. Both experiences were fabulous!

The best part that I think is important to mention is that he will tailor your day out on the sea to whatever interests you...i.e. snorkeling, then swimming with lunch in a completely different area etc and then watching the sunset in yet another unforgettable place. I have my own equipment but he has his own on the boat that you can use and it seemed to be of good quality. To make the experience even better... with personalized instruction he was able to get my water-fearing friend (I do not say that lightly) to not only get into the ocean but to also use the gear and snorkel. By the end of the day I could hardly keep up with her!

I highly recommend using him. He was a fabulous guide, instructor and it all came at a very reasonable price. Any and all questions are welcome.

Have a wonderful time!

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