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Trip Report 3/2/06 - 3/4/06
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: mymoosie (
Date:   03-08-06 00:31

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Disclaimer: This is really long as I tend to babble on about every single detail when I'm excited about a vacation =)

Thursday, March 1
We flew Air Vieques from Isla Grande to Culebra after spending the night in OSJ. All the passengers were there early, so we actually took off a little after 8am. Our flight was originally scheduled to leave at 8:30am.

It was an interesting flight. The smallness of the plane didn't hit me until the pilot started the engine. The flight was smooth, except as we were about to land in Culebra. We hit an airpocket and our stomachs must have jumped higher than our heads. Weeee! Good thing we didn't have breakfast yet.

We rented a Jeep Wrangler from Carlos Jeep and they have a counter at the airport which was very convenient. The Jeep was very new. Good brakes, which was great for going down that steep hill at Zoni.

Stayed at Palmetto Guest House, which is a couple of blocks from the airport. Rosarito the innkeeper was wonderful!! She wasn't in yet when we came, but she had a post-it by the door welcoming us and directing us to our room. Better than having to wait around for a hotel's checkin at 3pm!

(I'll post a full review of Palmetto on a subsequent post)

We headed out to town to get ourselves oriented with the roads. We ended up grabbing some pastries and juice from PanDeli. We had a Quesito pastry and a Guava pastry. Yummmmy!!

We walked around a bit in town, before heading off to search for Playa Melones. Of course we weren't quite sure which road it was we were supposed to turn on. We stopped and asked this older gentleman at the corner for directions. Even though we didn't speak spanish and he didn't speak english, we managed to communicate and got directions. All it takes is to be polite and a "Muchas Gracias" which goes a long way. =)

Melones is at the end of the road. My hubby parked under a tree, as my eyes quickly scanned for any tree boas. ;-) Good, none in sight. Check to make sure we both rolled up the windows of the jeep.

Melones is very rocky. It was hard to walk with just flops on. Also hard to put your snorkeling gear on and go out into the water by the entrance. So we walked over to the right a bit, heading out towards the stick marker where there is a small sandy spot. Easier to get in the water this way.
The snorkeling was ok. We didn't think it was that great. We saw some fellow guests from Palmetto and they said it was better the day before.

After a couple of hours we finally gave up and headed to town to grab some lunch at the Dinghy Dock. We had burgers and watched the huge tarpons swimming around. Nice lunch.

... to be continued below...

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