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Re: costs? what to bring? Laundry?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ursula (
Date:   02-25-06 14:12

Hi David,

We just came back from camping in Culebra a few weeks ago..and I just posted some (hopefully) helpful information from our experience here (you have to scroll down to my posts):
and here:

There AND back cost us around $110 per person (Air Flamenco flight + cab to get to/from airport in San Juan), definitely NOT $120 just one way. The flight is about 30 glorious minutes long (or is it short?) - timesaving and unbelievably amazing views.

Once on Culebra, $2 public taxi vans each way. The drivers are very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Campsite - $20 per night per tent (I believe max is 6 people in a tent they allow - but do they really check?)

Cooking - each campsite has a grill, which worked great for us. Lots of people have those portable stoves - you bring the top part, you have to get a tank with gas once you're there...fellow campers said it costs about $5 for a small tank and lasts about 2 weeks with average cooking.
As anywhere, cooking your own is always much cheaper (try grilled red onions..mmm.... and baking beans in a can - goya, or whatever else is available at the store - of course open the can and cover the top with aluminum foil) - also see my links for other cooking ideas...the only thing you really need is aluminum foil, a few sturdy plastic knives, forks, definitely a can opener, a flashlight/lantern (sun sets around 6:30)..we didn't have plates, we improvised and used aluminum foil as plates...maybe a roll of paper towels. You can buy gallons of water for drinking/cooking at the deli in town for $1, or the guy at the campsite sells it for $2 a gallon, and hes only there during daytime hours. Make sure you get your food, other supplies in the daytime, stores close pretty early. Sunday, the town was awfully quiet - not even a taxi van - we had to call and request one.

The walk from campsite to town is about 35 minutes, for $2 a van will get you there in 7 minutes....

It doesn't get that cold at night, but we ended up wearing sweatshirts and pants in the evening - the temperature drops. We have those lightweight sleepingbags for summer season only - that was very adequate.

Shoes - I recommend flip-flops for beach, those teva-like strap sandals for hiking, town, etc...its warm, I wore sneakers once, my feet were sweating.

The campsite has outdoor showers, so we showered/ washed hair, etc, in our bathing suits - and it wasn't that bad at all...the water was a little cool, but hey, you're camping! you're supposed to be "roughing it" - it's part of the camping charm.

I dunno about laundry, but how long are you going for? We brought a little bit too much (even with 1 backpack each)...most of the day you spend in your bathing sut, maybe a light tshirt and shorts, which you can reuse...dont need socks really, maybe one or 2 pairs, and a few pairs of undies...oh and a pair of long pants and a long sleeved shirt for the evening when it cools down a little.

Anyway, have fun, camping is great. Hope it helps.


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