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Re: Island Hi-Speed Ferry
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Davy (138.5.51.---)
Date:   02-22-06 17:11

What follows is a copy of my last e-mail to Island Hi-Ferry.

Thanks counselor for the quick response. I called Sandy to make the
reservation, and I took the trip on the tenth of this month. Your crew
was first notch, even during the part when I was randomly selected for
a bag search. We arrived at the dock in Culebra on time and faster
than I had imagined it possible. Our time in Culebra was marvelous,
and on Sunday the fast ferry arrived on time to pick us up, but was
delayed because the berth was occupied by the ferry to Vieques. As
soon as there was room the fast ferry docked and got us on board. We
made up for lost time during the trip and we mad it to San Juan on

I will continue to tell anyone who will listen about your fantastic
service, and I wish you and all at Island Hi-Speed Ferry much success.


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