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Clarification for Guzman
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jim H (128.91.59.---)
Date:   02-22-06 10:34

When we got to Rio Piedras, the driver said it would be 20$ to get to Fajardo. Which we though was a decent price. I gave him $25, a decent tip. A local that got on at the stop after us, and got off near fajardo, was charded 2 or 3$ though. Then, we got to Fajardo, we got out, and he said, "you owe me 20 more." Thats 40$ from Rio Piedras to Fajardo. Perhaps that is the going rate for "public transportation"? Which is fine. On top of the 25$, (including tip from the airport to Rio Piedras,) Im just saying it would proably be more cost effective to take the ferry from San Juan, or perhaps to rent a car. But Ill let others decide. Just wanted to impart my experience.

Our luggage was not that out of hand at all. 1 backpack each. As an experienced backpacker, I have a lightweight tent, a sleeping bag that compacts to the size of a small coffee can.

Also-- Im not saying 100$ for a hotel is too expensive for anyone. You're withdrawing a false assumption. 100$ is agreat price for a hotel, anywhere. By all means, if you are not the kind of person who likes to camp, and can't deal with some ants and mosquitos, and a little warmth, go for a nice 100$ room. But 20 is less than 100, yes, even in 1998. Actually, for me, it was not too hot in the tent at all. Fortunately, my tent has a couple of screen. Which let plenty of the cool island breeze in. I can live without A/C. As people did for centuries. In 1998, in Culebra, wherever, whenever.

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