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Re: Camping advice.
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Steve Shivers (
Date:   02-19-06 21:50

Those screw on burners work really well. I've used them traveling many times. Most times the airlines don't have a problem with them, but I have also had them say no. They seem to be inconsistent on this. Be sure to declare it. The way they check luggage these days, it's not worth the possible trouble to try to sneak it through. You might be able to buy one on the main island for less than what you could rent a stove on Culebra for. They should sell for $20 or less. If the airline has a problem with it on the return flight, just leave it behind. That's what I've done. Of course, the propane cylinders are a serious no no. Just give those away at the campground.

I guess you just have to decide which sounds like less of a hassle. buying or renting. Renting might still be better. There's no guarantee you will find one of those burners for sale there or that your airline will let you bring one with and renting supports the Culebra economy.

Good luck!

S & L in VA
"Stercus Evenit"

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