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Re: Costa Bonita or Culebra Beach Rentals
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   02-12-06 11:40

Costa Bonita is a resort that is probably more upscale in appearance than anything on the island. To most veteran Culebra enthusiasts, however, it represents what happens when people with money do not take the trouble to learn the culture and the infrastructure of a given site before rudely bulldozing ahead. The result is a blotch on the serenity of the place, and a business failure, to boot, if the reports of two bankruptcies are accurate.

It is located on the harbor (Ensenada Honda). I'm not sure what reef there may be nearby, but I've not heard of anyone extolling the snorkling.

You are well informed about Carlos Rosario's appeal as a snorkling spot. If staying on Flamenco Beach, the walk to Carlos Rosario, is easily doable for anyone with normal health. It is several hundred yards down Flamenco Beach to the parking lot where the trailhead is to Carlos Rosario. From there, it is a moderate 20 minute walk, with breathtaking views as you crest the hill.

You might consider renting a car for one of your days on Culebra, to check out the incomparable Zoni beach at the extreme notheastern tip of the island.


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