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Re: place to stay
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Sharon xxxxxxxxxxxxx (
Date:   01-29-06 12:01

Hi, My husband and I returned last week from the island and we stayed at the Bahia Marina. It was very nice, the view was the best part. Our first night there was no one else staying in the place but on Sat & Sun there were approximate 4-5 units (out of 16, I believe) being used. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful (Found this to be true about eveyone we met). While we were there something was wrong with the Satellite so no TV (with a child may want to double check this :) ). The pool water was cooler than the ocean which we thought was funny. The place was kept clean, we had a very nice kitchen, ac worked great (only used at night rest of the time had the slider open), there were these little catepillars that you would see on the floor dead or dying - but this is an island, they obviously spray to try to keep the bugs down. We asked for 2 extra towels when we got there and kept them in the car. We rented from Jerry's jeep and all the stories about him are true, he picked us up from the ferry area, gave us a tour of the island and the roads and then gave us the famous map. We ate at the bar, lunch, it was very good. We ate at Mamacitas twice - we really like it there (our favorite). We ate at Juanita Bananas which was good, fancier food, unique experience. We also ate at Dinghy Dock - the quesadillas are enough for 2 people, very good. We stopped at the bakery near the airport - very good (Sorry don't remember the name but believe it may have been the spanish word for bakery or bread - note languages unfortunately not my strong suit.). My husband and I went to snorkel and even though waves were high we found a few good spots. Just a note: we had 12 foot seas on the ferry going to Culebra, it was definitely rough (and I do get seasick) but I personally prefer that to the little plane which the same day (because of the winds) had to abort landing several times. Sorry for the lengthy reply but I used this forum for months to help plan my trip and wanted to return the favor. Sharon


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